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Infuse Your Home With Textiles

Textiles have the ability to transform a home’s interior by adding texture, color, and layers. I often turn to fabrics when changing my home’s look, whether I’m swapping heavier ones out for lighter ones during summertime or freshening up my home’s color palette. With its versatility and no-fuss demeanor, textiles allow for easy-to-follow trends and …
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Bringing Nature In Your Home

Whether your home’s design is modern or traditional, transitional or contemporary, it’s possible that you would like to adorn each room with some plant decorations to add a little natural sparkle along with all of the benefits that they afford. In fact, houseplants leave us with a cleaner, more purified air while also playing a …
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Tickled By Tangerine

I WENT TO IKEA LAST WEEK WITH MY BUDDIES AND FELL IN LOVE WITH ALL OF THE JUICY, TANGERINE SHADES OF ORANGE THAT WERE ON OFFER! From chairs, desks, rugs, and even straws, there were so many awesomely bold, bright offerings in my new favorite summer color (for this week! *wink*)! Here are the top …
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Awesome Kitchen Designs!

Hello, friends! I’m so excited to tell you that I am extremely inspired by these kitchens designed by Finnish design firm Kitzen! They almost look like something you would find in IKEA, but of a much higher quality. I would absolutely LOVE a kitchen designed by these guys. Totally gorgeous!   Blogger How many of you would …
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Pretty in Pink Strawberry Ice!

Hey, decor lovers! This week I have fallen in love with the color pink! Not just any old pink, but the Pantone shade “Strawberry Ice.” From looking at (my now absolute fave) color board with this week’s findings, include fashion, textile patterns, soft furnishings and interiors. With it’s delicate hue and charm, Strawberry Ice is …
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