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Summer Color Crush: Ice

Icy hues don’t have to only represent winter. In fact, the cool tones are perfect for summer, reflecting the palest Caribbean waters or the lightest dawn skies. I can’t get enough of this electrifying blue, which is undeniably refreshing in all of its various tones. So, if you need an interior that will invigorate your …
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Designing A Balanced Interior

Configuring a room to reach its maximum potential is no easy task! It’s pretty common to begin shifting furniture around with no real game plan in hopes of finding the layout that works best – and often without success. Usually, this happens most when one doesn’t understand how to properly create balance and harmony in …
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4 Design Hacks For Your New Kitchen

Renovating a kitchen is the perfect time to customize its settings to meet the needs of your family! From aesthetics to function, kitchen design has come a long way in the past decade- including smart and eco-friendly designs. Such advancements have made it easier than ever to make adjustments that are durable and efficient enough …
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4 Reasons To Love Neutrals

Summer Neutrals Sometimes bold isn’t better, and with the latest craze being big prints & loud color, It’s important not to forget that less can be more. There are many times when an interior benefits most from a soft neutral color scheme, especially when texture or embellishments are a large part of the decor. So, …
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The New Look of Southern Interiors

Elegant, refreshing, and totally chic – that’s how clients describe the gorgeous interior designs of Nandina Home & Design. Unique use of color, artwork, decor, and carefully selected – even custom-made – furnishings all come into play to create the one-of-a-kind homes that have that special Nandina touch. Located right outside of Atlanta in Sandy …
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