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Shimmer, Culture, & Mosaics: How These Tiles Are Transforming Interior Design

Subway tiles will always be a classic, but lately, homeowners and designers have been getting increasingly creative with their tile choices. Not only are they embracing color and pattern, but they are also taking 2016’s metallic trend to the next level!

From flashy glitter to beautifully painted mosaic tiles, these interior designs are sure to spark inspiration for your next design project.

Shimmery Tiles

From full wall coverage to subtle features, shimmery accents are making a huge statement this year. Luxurious golds, industrial silvers, pearl whites, feminine pinks, and stormy greys all come in an assortment of sizes and saturations, making it extremely easy to add as much or as little sparkle as you desire.

metallic-new-trend-tileImage Source: Pinterest

A subtly grey-silver tile is perfect for an industrial kitchen design. Alongside a muted, matte color palette, the shimmers of grey offer an interesting contrast while remaining monochromatic and modern.

hollywood-hills-estate-living-room-interior-flImage Source: Charles Neals’ Houzz

This gorgeous gold accent proves that shimmer isn't just for the kitchen & bath. As far as glamor goes, this luxurious design makes sure to balance the bold golds with soft textiles and an equally fascinating black and white wallcovering.

transitional-bathroom-new-trend-tileImage Source: Pinterest

A clean strip of sparkly pearl adorns this modern bathroom, adding a chic statement. The tile chosen in this design is ideal for such a bathroom, as its subtlety doesn’t interfere with the minimalistic design yet it offers an intriguing eye-catcher.

splash-of-gold-new-trend-tileImage Source: Pinterest

This head-to-toe gold shower room is sure to make anyone feel like a million dollars! Although flamboyant, the dark lighting balances out the bold hue, creating a luxuriously exotic feeling.

bathoom-new-interior-tileImage Source: Pinterest

Vibrant colors are perfect for adding a strong punch to your design. Whether it’s a colorful backsplash or a shower wall, you will undoubtedly notice a cheerful, retro effect when entering a space with a neutral color palette and a glamorous burst of a metallic hue.

Cultural Patterns & Mosaic Tiles

With such a strong global connectivity, homeowners and designers are finding inspiration from traveling, world renowned artists, and even pop culture. Embracing one’s love for art and culture has made a powerful step forward in the design industry - from textile choices to even design styles - and is now making a huge statement through cultural patterns and mosaic tiles. Take a look!

lounge-substance-new-trend-tileImage Source: Pinterest

A simple yet powerful choice for adding culture to a kitchen or bathroom is adorning your sinks with a gorgeous pattern. I’ve seen this style a lot recently, with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean patterns having something for everyone, from fiery red and orange color palettes to cool, ocean blue ones.

new-wall-pattern-designImage Source: Pinterest

If you want to go bold with your pattern, using it for both the floor and the walls can aid in a beautifully cohesive interior. Adding in extra bits of decor you’ve collected on your travels will only further enhance the multicultural vibe, giving your home a one-of-a-kind look.

green-mix-tiles Image Source: Pinterest

Make a big statement by using only a small amount of space! Collecting different patterned tiles and making your own mosaic will personalize your home and leave you in full control over the size and style of your statement piece.

amazing-interior-ideas Image Source: Pinterest

For those who live by “go big, or go home,” a floor to ceiling mosaic may be for you! This spectacular submarine themed bathroom may have taken a lot of time and effort, yes, but paint or wallpaper just wouldn’t be the same. Color, texture, and detail are all by-products of choosing to incorporate a mosaic, no matter if the creation is big or small.

south-tampa-waterfront-custom-homeImage Source: Crespo Design Group

When designing a monochromatic bathroom, adding movement and texture to the space is crucial. By using the wallspace to contrast natural stone material with a patterned tile allows the design to stay clean and uncluttered while making sure there is visual interest.

So long are the days where everyone wants the same design! It’s exciting to see how interior design trends are becoming increasingly more personalized, influenced by culture, art, and exciting, new materials.