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Top Kitchen Trends For 2019

I can almost feel 2019 right in front of me as we slow down and get ready to say farewell to 2018. From the next Colors of the Year being announced to the most recent High Point Market, future trends are making their presence known! While we’ll have to wait patiently to see the unveiling of all the trends, I have been able to get a pretty good glimpse into what will be BIG in kitchen design!

Check out these 5 fun, sophisticated, and chic kitchen trends that you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll be seeing everywhere!

Accent Tiling

Kitchen Accent Tiling

Tiles have been a trend for a while now, however, in 2019, you’re going to witness unique and/or exotic tiles take front and center stage. Usually seen as a popular choice for backsplashes, tiles are going to become a main feature in kitchens. From eye-catching flooring to unique ceiling accents, brace yourself for the year of tile. If you’re going to cover a lot of surface-area with tiles, remember to balance out the remaining elements of the kitchen! Opt for neutral or calming earth tones, and make sure to not add in too much extra drama.

Monochromatic Color Palettes

Nandina Aiken Modern Kitchen Grey Chrome Contemporary DesignImage Source: Nandina Home & Design

Sleek and simple this blue-gray kitchen showcases just how powerful a monochromatic color palette can be. A great look for those wanting balance and tranquility in the home, as it provides an orderly and polished look and feel. A monochromatic color palette will undoubtedly give your kitchen a whole new wow-factor, while creating an understated and approachable aesthetic. Darker tones will give off more of a masculine-glam style while lighter colors will look a bit more modern and current (think Scandinavian design).

High Ceilings

Southampton Modern Farmhouse Kitchen DesignImage Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd.

Let there be light! Yes - higher ceilings give way for more natural light in the kitchen. Complementary to both dark and light color palettes, you’re going to see kitchen interiors looking more spacious than ever with high-vaulted ceilings and plenty of windows (Hello, skylights!). Higher ceilings mean getting a little more creative with your design, though, as you’ll want to draw the eye up - meaning, having some decorative elements up high. Betty Wasserman does a great job at incorporating height with long pendants and a feature wall piece.

A Peek Of Color

Kitchen Interior Design

Behr’s Color of the Year “Blueprint,” can been seen subtly making an appearance in this classicly white kitchen - and I love it! This “pop of color” trend goes well with a monochromatic color palette, as discussed above, or with a high-contrast black and white kitchen. Small color bursts are easier to take in and aren’t as “loud” as full accent walls or wallpapers. I love sneaking in touches of color to unexpected places, such as the kitchen island, cabinetry, kitchen door, or appliances.

Geometric Backsplashes

Geometric Backspalsh Kitchen DesignImage Source: MARGARITA BRAVO

Geometric shapes are a classic pattern as well as a great way to add some playful flair to a space. I love how designers and homeowners are experiencing more with unique backsplashes, allowing to have a slightly simpler kitchen design but still having that pop of personality in there. While replacing an entire backsplash could be costly and timely, especially if you’re not planning a kitchen update or remodel, try out some removable backsplash wallpapers! It’s so easy, cost effective, and can quickly be changed to something else!

Well, as I am sure there will be plenty more design trends to gush over, I hope you enjoyed these 5 kitchen styles! Let me know which look you love most and if you’ve seen an eye-catching kitchen design lately — I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time!♥