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6 Reasons Why I Have Fallen In Love With Fall!

Welcome to Fall! I absolutely love this time of the year - making the house feel all cozy and getting my warmer clothes out, putting away my summer wardrobe and making a few well needed new purchases.

I also love to cook and make delicious seasonal pies and cookies. So I really wanted to share with you my top 6 reasons why I love Fall:

number-1 Decorating For Fall

How do you get your home ready for Fall? Making the house feel uber cozy with rugs, throws and blankets is one way to do it. Another way to make your home feel Fall ready is by adding wallpaper, wall art and wall murals. One company that has a great selection of images, which can be printed to any size, is LimitLess Walls. I am especially loving their nature collection, which has a touch of Autumn magic and spice. Wall murals can be adapted to fit into your chosen space, making it easy to transform your home into being worthy of a magazine shoot. Whether you choose one of their forest images or upload one of your own, immersing yourself in rooms decorated with Fall-themed wall murals gets you ready for the cozy months ahead. I really want this one, it’s so beautiful and would fit right into my dining room:

decorating-for-fallImage Source: LimitLess Walls

number-2 Taking A Fall Foliage Walk

There is nothing that makes me crave apple cider and homemade pumpkin pie like a beautiful Fall walk. You can wear your favorite sweater, take your dog and camera with you and enjoy all of the colors from the Autumn leaves. For an extra treat I love to jump into a pile of leaves and feel the satisfaction of hearing that lovely crunching sound!

fall-foliage-walkImage Source: LimitLess Walls

number-3 Having Picnics At The Park

Can you imagine it now? Taking a delicious picnic to the park with special Fall treats like apple pie, caramel apples and Fall cookies (all of the healthy stuff!). This is a great chance to take some time to kick back and relax with your friends and family. With cooler temperatures, fewer bugs and magnificent scenery, this is the best time of the year to eat outside. I found some mouth watering recipes from Sweet Paul that will make your picnic basket the best in town!

fall-treatImage Source: Sweet Paul

The perfect Fall picnic inspired scenery (both available as wall murals!!!):

fall-picnic-sceneryImage Source: LimitLess Walls

fall-picnic-inspired-sceneryImage Source: LimitLess Walls

number-4 Creating Fall Decor

From your Fall walks and picnics, collect items you can use to make fun Fall decor in your home. Get the kids involved with painting leaves, acorns and pine cones to make outdoor decorations like door wreaths and hanging mobiles.
With your collection of items you can create superb decorations including centrepieces, front porch decorations, wreaths and fancy tablescapes. I found some great ideas from one of my favorite magazines, Good Housekeeping. Take a look and see if any of the ideas speak to you - I love the oak leaf wreath.

fall-decorationsImage Source: Good Housekeeping

number-5 Having a Backyard Bonfire

The smell of a bonfire burning in the crisp, Autumn air with the sight of the stars overhead is a great way to spend a Fall evening. I love outdoor parties, sitting around the bonfire and eating s’mores. With chilli, hot dogs and potato salad as the main course and pumpkin pound cake for dessert, what more could you want at this wonderful time of year!

backyard-bonfireImage Source: Pinterest

number-6 Visiting A Fall Festival

Welcome in the new season by visiting a Fall festival! Check your local events and get involved with activities for the whole family. From live music, games, and arts and crafts, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t forget to take your camera so you can take those memories and put them on Instagram. You could also create unique seasonal wall art by uploading them to the LimitLess Walls site to create removable wall murals for your home. I like this idea, because you can remove and reuse them every year!

fall-festivalImage Source: Nick A Jack Farms

I hope that these fun Fall activities have given you some ideas of how to enjoy this wonderful season!

How do you prepare for Fall? I would love to know! ♥