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Bringing Nature In Your Home

Whether your home's design is modern or traditional, transitional or contemporary, it’s possible that you would like to adorn each room with some plant decorations to add a little natural sparkle along with all of the benefits that they afford. In fact, houseplants leave us with a cleaner, more purified air while also playing a vital role in our psychological well-being.

I enjoy integrating plants into my interior. They add an aesthetic value and offer a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. I would advise you to add some houseplants or other natural elements to your interior, as well. For example, adding a houseplant in a bright, happy color, like an orchid in your bathroom, is an excellent way to freshen up the room and create a soothing environment. I also love putting plants near my windows to lessen the divide between inside and out.

Want some inspiration on how to integrate nature in your interior? Curious about which plants are best used in each room? (Yes, there are strong guidelines based on scientific reasons). Then read this fact-filled article that I wrote: “Integrating Plants in Your Interior.”