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This Is How To Bring Style & Functionality to a Bathroom

This bathroom by Kelly Finley of Oakland’s Joy Street Design caught my eye because of its refreshing color scheme and intelligent use of space. I admire the designer’s clever approach — she completely transformed the bathroom with a perfect balance of style and functionality. Let’s explore this happy space:


Joy Street Shower Design
Image source: Joy Street Design
Joy Street Before After Bathtub

The first thing Kelly changed is the layout to create more space. The previous tub was too large for sustainable use in California and it took up too much precious space. Kelly had the old tub replaced with a smaller, modern one, and this allowed for a more spacious walk-in shower. 

Joy Street Before After Bathroom

The old shower was an enclosed space but in the makeover, Kelly made the shower larger and gave it a more open feel with glass walls on two sides. Intelligent choices that effectively added a sense of spaciousness to the bathroom.


The pasty yellow walls of the old bathroom were given a fresh update in off-white complemented by a deep, matte-blue wall-rack and storage cabinets. The light tiling on the floor makes the space feel bigger, and I love the white mini hexagon tiles used inside the shower — they add texture to a boring surface and are a subtle yet brilliant design touch. The double vanities increase utility and storage space, and the oval mirrors and sleek wall-light add a modern vibe to this stylish bathroom.

Joy Street Custom Vanity Design
Image source: Joy Street Design
Joy Street Shower Faucet Design
Image source: Joy Street Design

This California bathroom showcases how clever design decisions and the ability to balance style with function can completely transform a space. Subtle touches make a big difference to interior design and Kelly Finley pays great attention to detail — a quality that makes the work of Joy Street Design such a delight to view.   Check out more of their work here.