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Chic Pieds-à-Terre in NYC

NYC interior designer Darci Hether caught my eye for her clean-lined, sophisticated design. Darci caters to busy, urban professionals and designs pieds-à-terre for her high-end clients. These spaces might be a home away from home, but she designs them to include all the luxury and comfort you’d expect in a permanent residence. These are my favorite pieds-à-terre from Darci’s portfolio:

An Artistic Abode in Tribeca

Darci Hether Artistic Abode In Tribeca

This Tribeca pied-à-terre is defined by artwork in every shape and size. I love how the abstracts in the hallway add color to the space. The neutral hues of the wall-length art in the living room blend perfectly with the subtle palette. Color is introduced with blue cushions and upholstery that match the shades of blue in the art.

Darci Hether Moody Blue Artwork

The play on blue can be seen in other parts of the living room as well. The blue chair and the grey-and-white rug complement the moody blue artwork on the wall above the sofa. I love how the cushion adds a yellow highlight. Light art creates a beautiful contrast against a dark wall in the bathroom.

Darci Hether Kitchen Interior Design Nyc

Even the furniture and accessories in this home have angular, unique shapes that serve a style and function. Darci used metal accents beautifully in the kitchen and dining area — like the edgy light above the dining table and the pendants above the countertop. In the bedroom, an abstract wallpaper completes the look of the elegant, artistic home.

Light-Hued Luxury on 5th Avenue

Darci Hether Light Hued Luxury Apartment Interiors

This beautiful NYC pied-à-terre is within walking distance from MoMa and offers spectacular views of NYC. I admire how Darci juxtaposed the chaos of the city outside with a calming palette of neutrals inside. The dining nook with city views is my favorite spot in this pad.

Darci Hether Master Bedroom Interior Design

These corners caught my attention for their minimal sophistication.

Theatrical Love on Upper West Side

Darci Hether Bedroom Nook Designs

The Upper West Side pied-à-terre was designed for patrons of the theater, and it’s all about bold wallpaper and dramatic details. The glass dressing table is on my must-have list, and I like how a metal table has been paired with a light-hued sofa and rug in the cozy bedroom corner (right).

Darci Hether Seating Nooks Ideas

The space is all about warm tones with intimate seating nooks and intricate wallpaper like the patterned design in the image on the right.

I hope you enjoyed Darci’s designs as much as I did. Check out more of her work here.♥