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Fall In Love With Line Drawing Wall Murals

I have been so in love with color recently, that I have decided to take another direction and look at black and white in interior design, something simple, yet not entirely uncomplicated.

I have been looking into wall murals, as I really want one for my workspace. But the thing is… there are just so many to choose from! I’m also a bit confused as to which type of mural to get, the removable kind or not?

I also keep looking and thinking ‘would that fit into my room and look awesome?’ So as I was searching, I found some amazing wall murals that are digital prints of drawings and others that have been drawn straight onto the wall. This idea of something that looks like a sketch really appeals to me. I want to share with you some of the images I have been been inspired by…

clever-line-drawingImage Source: LivingRoomIdeass

I love this clever drawing! From the window with a view of the garden to the bookshelf with cat, there are so many little details here that could almost make this look real! The glass topped desk allows you to see through, to the wall mural, that way you don’t miss any of the superb illustrations. I love this idea and think that it makes the room feel lived in, even if it is a clever trick of the eye!

delicate-landscape-wall-muralImage Source: LivingRoomIdeass

A stunning delicate landscape is the backdrop for these two chairs. The amount of detail in this work must have amounted to hours of drawing time. An excellent way to bring art and illustration into the home, I wonder if I can find someone from Fiverr to come over to my place and draw something like this…!

simple-flowersImage Source: LimitLess Walls

bold-oulined-floralsImage Source: LimitLess Walls

I suppose the easy way to create a wall mural is to buy one of those self adhesive types, so you can put it up, take it down and move it around ten times before you finally decide on where it stays! These lovely floral line drawings are wallpapers from LimitLess Walls, a company that specializes in wall murals, and one that I am indirectly related with through one of my clients (might I get a “steal”?). If you have an illustration or a photograph, you can upload it on their website and they can print it out to whatever size you need. I’m really loving the idea that the wall mural is removable...how easy is that!

wall-muralImage Source: Art & Life

Artist Joseph Stoddard created this sketchy mural of downtown Los Angeles for a workstation. The heavy lines and loose feeling of the drawing adds life to this urban landscape. I love the style of this illustration and how it feels like it just came straight out of a sketchbook!

amazing-wall-muralsImage Source: The Dreaming Clouds

Architect and illustrator Cheryl Heap creates amazing wall murals that stem from drawings she creates in her sketchbook. Her Instagram is full of brilliant travel themed photographs (from her time as Cabin Crew) onto which she draws characters and cute scenes.

See her in action in this video!

Her wall mural work is inspiring and you can feel the creative energy she has when you watch her videos. I love to see this kind of passion for art and illustration, it makes me feel motivated! You should definitely do what you love everyday!

quirky-illustrationImage Source: Jelly

I love this quirky illustration from illustrator Jo Bird! She was commissioned to decorate the walls of a company in London with this scene and had to add a Cluedo themed twist. She has completed many wall murals and collaborated with companies both large and small. I just love the drawing style and think that a line drawing like this would look amazing in an all white room!

line-drawings-muralImage Source: Timothy Goodman

typography-wall-muralImage Source: Timothy Goodman

wall-mural-illustrationImage Source: Timothy Goodman

I discovered the work of illustrator Timothy Goodman in my search for wall mural illustrations and I really love the work he does! Take a look at his Instagram for funny social media quotes with quirky typography and see what this guy can do with a black sharpie! I like the idea of containing your work in a frame and in this image above, the illustrations work so well as a gallery wall mural collection. I’m tempted to try out my own take on this, I need a sharpie and a little plan of what goes where and I’m set! (or maybe not - maybe the removable option is more my style!).

What do you think of drawing on the walls? is this something you would be brave enough to try out? I would love to know!