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Home Libraries: For Those With & Without Books!

If there is one thing that I love in my life, it’s books! Especially design books.

What could be better than buying a huge glossy coffee table book, featuring the work of your favorite designer?! I have so many design books in my home that storage has been a bit of a problem in the past, not to mention my magazine collection! With so many gorgeous design mags out there, it’s hard not to collect them for reference, I was sad to leave many behind when I moved last, with most dating back to 1995!

But I do have my books and have my eye on more... with patterns, textiles and interior design history all featured in my expansive collection. With so many books... how do you display them in an amazing way without them looking like clutter or having them hidden away in a spare room? I have found some great ideas from interior designers and want to share them with you all....

display-of-design-booksImage Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

NYC interior designer Betty Wasserman finds a great way to display design books in this gorgeous Hamptons home. The books look like they are artwork on display, with easy access and a great contemporary feature.

decorative-bookcaseImage Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

Betty Wasserman makes a bookcase into a decorative feature in this awesome New York home. The large stone contemporary fireplace is complimented by the bookcase and sofa, all ready for a cozy evening by the fire, reading a favorite book!

library-wall-muralImage Source: 1wall

But what if you don’t own a lot of books but want to give the impression that you own a library? This wall mural would be perfect! It is as if the living room is part of a classic library!

modern-library-wall-muralImage Source: Behance

Or how about a more modern library? This wallpaper almost looks real, especially with the addition of the step ladder...can you reach a book for me at the top?!! The gray spiral staircase and decor accessories make this a beautiful scene.

colourful-libraryImage Source: Mr Perswell

This wall mural image of a colorful library could easily deceive you into thinking it is all real books! I would love to own a library in my home on this scale! Obviously with real books! The colors are amazing, though, what a great space.

library-wall-mural-on-doorImage Source: Mr Perswell

This is also a wall mural that has been placed onto of a door...I think this is a good idea, to add a decorative feature into your room, if the majority of the decor in the room is quite minimalistic. The colors are so vivid, I would definitely consider having something like this in my home...if I didn’t have so many real books that is!

wall-mural-libraryImage Source: HappyWall UK

Another library wall that could be mistaken for real books. The stunning decor accessories on the desk give a nod to natural materials. The colors work so well together, coordinating perfectly in this workspace. I’m not sure I could work well surrounded by so much, but it obviously works for someone!

How do you display books in your home? Would you consider a book wall mural? I would love to know!