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Infuse Your Home With Textiles

Textiles have the ability to transform a home’s interior by adding texture, color, and layers. I often turn to fabrics when changing my home’s look, whether I’m swapping heavier ones out for lighter ones during summertime or freshening up my home’s color palette.

With its versatility and no-fuss demeanor, textiles allow for easy-to-follow trends and literally come in every color, pattern, and style, appealing to each person's taste. As new summer looks arrive, I’ve chosen four of my favorite textile trends to share.


floral-pattern-pillow-curtainImage Source: Pinterest

printed-floral-pillow-window-treatmentImage Source: Kukun

Large watercolor patterned textiles have made big waves recently, probably due to the whimsical feeling the feminine florals and romantic pastel colors create. The watercolor technique offers a burst of color that complements chromatic and monochromatic homes, while giving a sophisticated look rather than a loud, over-the-top design. With the added effect of looking like a painting, these watercolor textiles bring so much more to an interior than pattern and color. Fill a room with watercolor fabrics and you can create an artistic garden design, while adding in only a few of these accents you will get a subtle but decorative touch.


textiles-in-designImage Source: Laurel and Wolf

pattern-pillowImage Source: Houzz

If florals aren’t your thing and you still want to introduce a summer fabric into your home, you might want to look into Raffia. This textile made from palm tree fibers, is beautiful and natural looking. You can find Raffia-made storage baskets, rugs, curtains, lampshades, chairs, and everything else in between. Raffia has been a favorite among interior designers for its durability and serene, organic aesthetic. If you want your home to have a light, airy, and natural design, Raffia is a great place to start and can be found in an assortment of home accessories and furniture.


blue-pattern-pillowsImage Source: Vannice Design

custom-furnishingsImage Source: Bayberry Cottage

Maybe you have other concerns when it comes to your home’s design. Do you have kids or pets? Do you throw parties? If so, try bringing outdoor textiles inside. Outdoor fabrics have come a long way since they first appeared in a scratchy and unappealing form. Now, they are made with more sophisticated materials and techniques, making them more visually and tactilely attractive. Today, one can find endless options of outdoor textiles with various textures, colors, and patterns, all of which are extremely durable, trendy, and even stain resistant. Try finding outdoor sofa cushions, throw pillows, rugs, and curtains as they will last longer, colors will stay truer, and maintenance will be simpler.


pattern-window-coveringImage Source: Crespo Design Group

textile-design-in-bedroomImage Source: Gillian Gillies

Wallpaper or wallcoverings act as a wonderful embellishment to any room, perfect for making eye-catching, yet understated designs. Experiencing a huge comeback, luxury interior designers are now flaunting beautiful, artistic, and high-end wallpapers, enchanting homes and expressing the homeowner’s unique design style. If you want to add a punch of detail to your walls, think about investing in a wallpaper that speaks to you and complements your design.

With so many new and exciting ways of making your home a uniquely-textiled space, remember to have fun with it! Textiles are so flexible and can easily be changed, so don’t be afraid to indulge in something new or a style you haven’t tried before.

Get ready for this summer by updating your home’s interiors.