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Inside The World of Interior Design With Lucy Morozko

With me today is one of today’s hottest interior designers -- Lucy Morozko! Lucy’s design studio Camden Lane Interiors is a high-end boutique working throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Known for their unique trendsetter interiors blended with sophisticated transitional styles, Lucy and her team are quickly becoming GTA’s leading designers.

Lucy is a passionate and enthusiastic designer who loves to connect with clients and bring their vision to life through beautiful interior solutions. Her creative and innovative way of thinking gives Lucy the ability to find clever design solutions not only when it comes to styling a home but also when it comes to completing high-end work within a client’s budget. With projects ranging from 3D renderings, color selection, and interior decorating to full-service design, specialty kitchen & bath designs, and full-home renovations, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything Camden Lane Interiors can’t do! Their hands-on work ethic establishes strong working relationships with other industry professionals as well as clients, ensuring top-quality, budget-friendly, and timely interior design processes.

So without further ado, here’s Lucy!

Lucy Morozko Portfolio Camden Lane Interiors

Thanks so much for meeting with me. Your work is quite inspirational and exhibits unique aesthetics that capture each person’s own story. You have such a knack for design, can you explain a bit about how you found your calling in interior design?

Lucy: I have always been passionate about interior design since I was a teenager rearranging my room 3-5 times a month. Then I moved onto rearranging the rest of the furniture in my family home! It was that early on realization about how decor, functionality, space planning, and color schemes affected your everyday life that made me want to pursue my education in Interior Design.

I have been fortunate to have worked under & mentored by amazing talented designers who molded my design knowledge and have made me the designer I am today. Interior design is all about learning, it’s that experience that makes more creative and wiser to the possibilities. I have always had that eye instantly when I walk into a room, I see all the potential, what works, what doesn’t and I have evolved when I meet clients for consultations in their homes.

My passion for fine arts gave me that eye for color, composition, symmetry, harmony, balance.

Camden Lane Living Room Wall DesignImage Source : Camden Lane Interiors

Q: And, before residential interiors, you designed both retail and commercial spaces. What is it about residential design that made you make the switch from commercial?

Lucy: My experience in retail and commercial design was very rewarding professionally but I always found myself gravitating towards the residential side as there is so much potential and endless creativity. I have such a passion for residential design and working directly with clients to see their homes transformed. I enjoy the challenges of space planning, home renovations, finding solutions for condominiums that lack storage, enhancing the functionality and design aesthetic of a space.

Residential design comes with many challenges and I’m always up for presenting those solutions and thinking outside the box for clients. I have always found that in residential the process moves faster for projects to be completed on schedule and on budget. The variety of work and creativity that goes into designs of a dream kitchen or a spa-like ensuite is endless based on each client’s tastes, habits, and lifestyle. No residential project is ever the same!

Q: You also find a lot of inspiration from travel, photography, fine art, and culture, which is beautifully showcased throughout your portfolio. What new and exciting place or piece of artwork have you come across recently that has really inspired you as of late?

Lucy: At the moment my inspiration is drawn from black & white still photography. I have been working with a few clients to incorporate their family & travel photos in their home. It's those priceless memories we create, why not display them! I love the idea of showcasing family photos with a gallery wall to tell a story, relive those memories and start a conversation. Even pop culture classic photos are great such as that favorite artist, movie poster, musician or even a classic Andy Warhol print, it's a fun way to make your space eclectic.

Bloor West Village Residence Dining Room DesignImage Source : Camden Lane Interiors

Q: The colors you choose are so beautiful — and it’s said that you enjoy working with “unique color schemes;” what’s one of your favorite unique color palettes right now? How do you approach color selection?

Lucy: Color can be just as personal as art taste. I always go through an in-depth questionnaire with clients to understand their design style including asking about colors. Monochromatic light & grey tones are always common in the projects I come across, however, I am noticing clients being drawn to bolder patterns, contrasting tones, and accents of rich colors and metallics.

When approaching color selection, I find inspiration from shades found in artwork, textiles, and area rugs. I like to pull from those inspirations and highlight them throughout the home.

Q: Now that we’re officially past the half-way mark of 2018, what are your design predictions for 2019?

Lucy: I always like to stay current and stay ahead of the game with the latest products and design trends. For 2019, here are the design trends:

Beaches Bedroom Side Table DecorsImage Source : Camden Lane Interiors

More Greenery
There has been a rise in adding a touch of nature into spaces whether hanging planters, planter stands or planters mounted on the wall. This is a trend that will never go out of style. Placing greenery brings color and interest to the room, creating a tranquil look.

Whether a painted black feature wall or black & white art, contrast will continue to be an ongoing trend. We have been seeing a lot of demand for black & white fixtures for bathrooms and cement tile as a bolder feature pattern on floors. The simplicity of the look is here to stay.

Rich Color
Grey & beige is always common no matter what year. However, getting brave with color could be 2019's newest and welcoming trend so far! Let's take bigger risks in our design by not being afraid to experiment with color. Warmer earth tones, deep shades of navy, emerald greens, saturated ambers, and dark violet tones are just a few of the richer, bolder tones we will see this year.

Natural Elements
Concrete finishes, warm caramels, black metal, earthy reds, and ambers will bring interiors into a more relaxed decor trend. Use of rich leathers, natural wood tones, raw concretes, woven textures will combine the old with the new.

Statement Rugs
I find area rugs are the new “art features” in homes. Having a statement rug with a bold pattern or abstract variation of bold color creates a beautiful statement piece to tie your interior together.

Toronto Downtown Condo Living Room Table DesignImage Source : Camden Lane Interiors

Q: Wow — so many great ideas! I can’t wait to see how you continue working those elements into your projects. And on that note, can you tell us about an exciting design project you’re currently working on?

Lucy: We have been working on various ongoing and new projects that we are excited about. Currently, we are starting a bungalow renovation with new space planning, brand new finishes, lighting, custom millwork as well a new kitchen & master ensuite design. This is quite an order home so this renovation will be a complete transformation from outdated to modern!

Thank you so much, Lucy, for letting me pick your brain! Your answers were thoughtful, concise, and full of great design ideas (which my readers will undoubtedly appreciate). Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and I look forward to seeing your new projects!

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