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Summer 2018 Color Crush: Yellow

With the onset of longer nights, hotter days, and outdoor soirees, it’s natural to gravitate towards a such a happy and cheerful color such as yellow. Yellow has the power to brighten up and energize a space, which is a great reflection of how one feels during spring and summer. On the other hand, too much-saturated yellow can feel aggressive or tiresome, as this hue can be tough on the eyes and invoke too much energy if not balanced well.

Below are some of my favorite interiors which balance and harmonize upbeat yellows with natural textures, cool color tones, and rich patterns.

Stylish Chairs

Custom Yellow Chairs In Living DesignImage Source: Joy Street Design

A bold punch of yellow instantly livens up these interiors! The yellow chairs are a nice contrast against cool grays and blues. Luscious greens and rich woods further calm down the saturated yellows by creating an earthy touch. The result is a cohesive color palette with just the right amount of contrasting textures and accents.

Subtle Yellow Details

Yellow Custom Patterned Chair

Yellow In Powder Room DesignImage Source: Joy Street Design

Whether your home is crisp, clean, and dressed in all white or takes on a well-rounded color palette, yellow will add just the right amount of pop! The key is to keep yellow as a detail and not the focal point of the room - yet, most likely, your eye will be drawn to it no matter how subtle it is. Embroidered area rugs and throws are both understated ways to add a sunshine yellow flair. For more of a pop, window treatments and cushions will do the trick, but work on keeping the look soft and feminine- just as Joy Street Design does above by integrating rich blue florals to the fabric!

Accent Pieces

Yellow Accent Interior DesignImage Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

Custom Yellow Cushion In Design

A unique piece of artwork or mid-century modern furnishing can be a powerful yet balanced way to show off your favorite yellow tones! When adding such vibrancy to an interior you want to make sure it sets the tone, as it so clearly does with the above interiors. I love Betty Wasserman’s use of beachfront sunset artwork in this Hamptons home. While the rest of the space can be neutral and elegant or playful and bold, such yellow accent pieces add to the design experience without taking away from the other elements.

Adding yellow to an interior should invoke positive, friendly, and creative energy. If you feel overwhelmed, you may be using too much yellow, the wrong saturation, or maybe yellow just isn’t your hue! Next time you’re in a home or commercial space that makes use of yellow tones, take note of how you feel. Some love a pastel yellow while others prefer a deep mustard tone; whatever makes you feel the happiest is what’s important!

Let me know about your yellow interior design successes in the comment section below!♥