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Interior Design Trends 2020

Give your interiors a touch of the new in 2020. From biophilic design to curvy furniture, and from bold color to floral wallpaper, here are the hot design trends for the new year.

Floral Wallpaper

Austin Camelot Interior Design

Start the year with big, floral prints, and don’t be afraid to go dark. 2020 is all about big blossoms and bold design. The wallpaper in this (above) dining room by Austin’s BANDD DESIGN showcases the theme beautifully — the larger than life blooms add a warm mood to the room while the dark background complements the grey palette.

Biophilic Design

Crystal Springs Sitting Area Design
Jenni Leasia Design

Earlier this year, I wrote a piece on Biophilic Design, and the trend is going to be all the rage in 2020. The principles of biophilic design are being applied to residences, corporate spaces, and public places. The above living room is designed to suit the landscape with earthy colors and tones. The glass windows give the feeling that the home is an extension of nature, and the indoor plants enhance the natural vibe. Biophilic design is even being used by commercial establishments like the Wardian in London and the Amazon Spheres at their headquarters in Seattle.

Performance Fabrics

Tropical Outdoor Performance Fabric
Tropical Outdoor Performance Fabric by Revolution Performance Fabrics

Growing in popularity: stain-resistant, organic fabric for indoor and outdoor linen is the go-to for all your upholstery needs in 2020. You don’t need to worry about the kids spilling paints on the couch, or if you like entertaining, don’t worry about your guests spilling their drink or food on your favorite chair. These performance fabrics can survive every spill and stain.

Cane, Wicker, and Rattan Furniture

Downtown Austin Pied A Terre Ratten Furniture

With a shift to all things natural in interior design, the on-trend materials for 2020 are cane, wicker, and rattan. From furniture and accessories to light fixtures and rugs, these natural materials are being used to create stylish, modern interiors. I love this cane light fixture that Austin’s BANDD DESIGN used in the above dining room.

Bold Colors, Prints, and Textures

Chicago Timber Loft Living Room Renovation
Chi Renovation and Design

Bold colors, intricate prints, and geometric patterns will dominate 2020. This loft by Chicago’s Chi Renovation and Design showcases a medley of disparate design elements, and the eclectic mix gives the space a unique look. The textured, exposed-brick wall complements the tribal prints while the large pendants create a visual focal point on the ceiling.

Sensual Curves

Interior design is moving on from clean-lined, functional mid-century modern to a more curved, sensual look. Furniture choices in 2020 are veering towards plush materials with rounded edges and curvy shapes.

I hope these trends have inspired you to give your home a new look in the new year. 2020 is all about bold design choices and breaking away from the old to experiment with the new. It’s a great principle to apply in life, too. I hope you have a fabulous year!