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Embracing Pantone’s Ultra Violet With Timeless Accents

It's a toss up -- do we love Pantone’s Ultra Violet color choice, or do we not? The meaning behind Ultra Violet seems to fit perfectly with today’s political scene, as Pantone describes this hue as a "purple that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level. From exploring technologies and the greater galaxy, to artistic expression and spiritual reflection, intuitive Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come."

While some love purple and others don't, we can't deny the powerful message Pantone is expressing with their extraordinary COTY pick. So, for those of us hesitant to add this vivid color to the home, let’s start with a few subtle additions in which Ultra Violet looks chic and timeless.

Here are my top 6 Ultra Violet interiors that are subtle and sophisticated:


Sag-Harbor-NY-Entrance25Image Source : Betty Wasserman Art & Design

Again, Betty Wasserman nails the purple accent piece! Since the lights are blown glass, the saturation will change throughout the day (from light to dark, for example). This creative use of color and light is a perfect depiction of Betty’s refined and minimalist style.

Easily swap out a few of your wall sconces for a softly saturated and sheer Ultra Violet shade. Add a few pieces of complementary decor, and you’ll see how seamless Pantone’s color can look in a home.


Nandina-Atlanta-interior-design-living-roomImage Source : Nandina Home & Design

Sheer and delicate, Nandina Home & Design masters Ultra Violet with these window treatments! Soft, feminine, and flowy, the slight appearance of Ultra Violet makes its presence known as it contrasts against the cool gray furniture.

Subtle integrations of Ultra Violet through glass decor compliment the drapes and further anchor this trendy look without overpowering the rest of the contemporary interior.

Accent Seating

palestinian-palace-family-room-1 Image Source : Betty Wasserman Art & Design

I just love the way in which Betty Wasserman snuck in this Ultra Violet accent! A long wall-mounted bench with easy to swap cushions brings function and color to this gray monochromatic interior.

Whether you have a full-wall bench, as seen in Betty’s design, or a smaller two-seater bench, invest in Ultra Violet cushions and see this classic furnishing reborn into a lively home accent.

Throw Pillows

truscott-clarkson-floral-side-chairImage Source : Nicola Interiors

Of course throw pillows would make the list! There’s no color that can't be added via the savvy use of throw pillows. Even against the floral printed pattern, Nicola Gillam makes Ultra Violet stand out while still having the beautiful upholstery take the lead.

This look is incredibly easy to recreate -- depending on if you have a patterned or solid chair, look for Ultra Violet throw pillows in either solid or prints. Notice, a lot of these top designers are working Ultra Violet in with mostly gray color palettes!

Dining Room Upholstery


If you're going to go big with prints, this design is a spectacular one to gain inspiration from. Striking prints that boast rich pinks, blues, greens, and oranges offer a stunning platform to introduce UltraViolet. The power of these upholstered dining chairs is magnificent, while the deep Ultra Violet adds a softness that plays well with other elements in the room.

Finding an upholstered dining set similar to this one won't be impossible but could pose a challenge if you're not customizing your own set. If you’re having trouble finding Ultra Violet patterned upholstery, switch your attention to tableware and seat cushions.


courtney-thomas-bedroom-designImage Source : Courtney Thomas Design

And, lastly, bringing in Ultra Violet through bedding and similar textiles will help you acquaint to the color in smaller doses. Courtney Thomas merged pale Ultra Violet bedding, an area rug, and oil painting together for a tranquil guest room. Pairing it with natural and vibrant green balances out the amount of Ultra Violet.

When starting out, I'd suggest investing in just one piece of Ultra Violet decor -- to test out the lighting and feeling it creates. Bedrooms are rooms to be picky about, so if your interior doesn’t feel as refreshing, rejuvenating, and relaxing as Courtney’s, you may need to play with a different saturation.

For those who weren’t convinced about Pantone’s Ultra Violet, I hope I've offered some unique design ideas for you to embrace this hue with. And, for those who love this color -- I hope you have found a timeless starting point, where you can enjoy this color without feeling overpowered by it!

Good luck with your next home project and let me know how you introduced Ultra Violet into your interiors! ♥