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The Making of an Upscale Furniture Line

The SORELLA Furniture line by Denver interior designer Margarita Bravo is an elegant collection of handcrafted pieces that are on my must-have list. I love the artistic contours and geometric accents on the SORELLA Furniture line. The furniture has a timeless aesthetic made with modern materials, and the story behind the brand is inspirational. Sisters Margarita and Maria Bravo chose the word SORELLA as it means ‘sister’ in Italian. They launched SORELLA to celebrate empowered women and female entrepreneurship. They donate part of the profits to institutions that work towards empowering women.

With Love from Portugal

Iki Lounge Chair Denver
Rocco Coffee Table Design

Margarita and Maria design the pieces in Denver, but the highly skilled artisans in Porto, Portugal handcraft the furniture via SORELLA’s production agency partner, Pulga. Pulga’s artisans unite traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies to make furniture, rugs, and lightings for interior designers and interior brands. And, they fortunately accommodate orders of all sizes–perfect for an emerging brand or even for one-off pieces! Margarita and Maria wanted the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for their SORELLA designs, and Pulga delivers.

Take a look at Margarita and Maria’s design journey in Portugal:

Sorella Boltini Bench 3 Seater

The above SORELLA bench represents everything I love — great design, sustainably manufactured, and handcrafted with love. Check out the complete SORELLA collection.

Empowering Women

Margarita and Maria Bravo are all about female empowerment and celebrate female leadership every day of their lives. Their purpose is to inspire and empower other women to reach their potential and achieve success. Take a look at Margarita’s views on female empowerment and what she’s doing to support women through SORELLA.

If you’re inspired by the SORELLA line and Margarita’s story, check out more of her Denver studio's work on her website. ♥