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Tropicana Decor That Will Refresh Your Interiors

Tropical motifs are a classic design staple, especially when it comes to fun and playful summer interiors! Although easily embraced all year round, nothing welcomes summer like a vibrant tropical print. Whether you choose banana leaves or palm trees, these exotic motifs are a great component to any easy going style. From traditional to modern and colorful to monochromatic, this versatile print is one of the best accent prints to invest in as about any interior will benefit from this energetic print!

Here are 4 tropical decor trends to complement your home with!

Big, Bold, & Beautiful

Living Room Classic Design

Cascade Mountain Home Cle Elum Guest Room DesignImage Source: Michelle Yorke Interior Design

Sometimes, a few smaller accents just won’t do - and as we see in these interiors, the designers decided to “go big or go home,” which I honestly love! Tropicana wallpaper is a fairly easy solution to a bland interior or bare wall. Because the print is most often found in a luscious green, you don’t have to worry too much about your existing color palette. Just as with houseplants, these bold green prints tend to pair seamlessly.

If you aren’t into wallpaper - or are just redecorating a bedroom - then drawing attention to the bed is a great way to add a focal point and make a compelling statement without adding any extra clutter! Bedding, throw blankets, and throw pillows come in a variety of different tropical prints and varying color palettes, which adds an even more exciting twist to the style!

Traditional Style With A Twist

Hampton Bedroom Corner Chair

Hampton Decorating Den Sitting Area Image Source: CRT Interiors

If anyone can prove how trendy traditional furniture can be, that’s Randy Trainor. By reupholstering these classic chairs, the traditional style has been lightened and the ambiance transformed into something a bit more playful.

I love seeing heavier more traditional pieces given a brand new look through the simple addition of a new covering - but if you’re short on time and/or resources, you can replicate a similar wow-factor by contrasting the traditional style with modern tropical accents through throw blankets and pillows!

Understated Yet Powerful

Hamptons Estate FireplaceImage Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

Tropical Prints Sofa

If you don’t want to go full-fledged color but love tropical prints, that is totally okay and there are some gorgeous options out there for you! For instance, Betty Wasserman’s subtle take on tropical prints is a win-win style for those who love the look but are a bit weary of having such a bold design theme. However, if the print isn’t what you’re afraid of but more-so the excessive color that it may add, a black and white (or any other neutral) tropical print accent will spice things up and keep your home looking sophisticated-chic.


Living Room Art Work

Art Work Indoor House Plants

And lastly, artwork is a fabulous way to bring in the feel of summer without having to change any of your textiles! These fun loving prints will instantly brighten up any space, and when paired with a large tropical house plant, this is an unstoppable duo that’s just as powerful as a feature wall piece!

Now, tropical design can mean many things depending on your taste. While I love the look of a banana leaf or palm tree, a few other wonderful tropicana prints include: pineapples, flamingos, fig tree leaves, and various tropical flowers.

Let me know what you love most about tropical prints in the comment section below!

Until next time!♥