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Why White Matters in 2016

White walls might not be to everyone’s taste, but they can be a beautiful blank canvas for your home, allowing your space to feel light and spacious.

The last time you walked into an all-white room, did it make you feel a bit on edge or did you feel comfortable?

White can be seen as a refreshing color, conjuring purity, cleanliness and sophistication. As Benjamin Moore announced their color of the year as ‘Simply White OC-117,’ I have been looking at how white paint is used in interior design and how it can make other colors in the living space ‘pop.’

A white room can be a perfect backdrop for you to add color with bright colored textiles or home decor accessories. With so many shades of white out there, you will be spoiled for choice when choosing a shade that is right for you. While some white colors have more underlying blue tones, which can feel a little bit cold, others have warmer hues that give off a more pleasant feeling.

the-right-white Image Source: Benjamin Moore

Before you give up on white, thinking you could never use it in your home, take a look at these interiors by well-established designers who have stunning examples of how you can achieve a ‘wow’ factor by decorating with white.

White on white interiors can be versatile all year round. A blank canvas, ripe for you to do what you want with it. If you want to layer white on white, with all white furniture, then choose fabrics that are wearing. You can also add statement artwork, bold colored furniture, or light fixtures. Don’t feel intimidated by white, it can be a great starting point that allows your space to develop the colors in other areas, like furnishings and artwork.

A white room can be a great way to add busy patterns, for example bold striped rugs or woven wall hangings. Instead of immersing your room in a block color, you could try out white and see how color can be added or displayed in other ways.

white-walls-in-dining-design Image Source: Lumar Interiors

Having a white wall color can allow your statement art pieces to shine. This room above, has dark wooden furniture, light blue drapes, and artwork that is the main feature of the space. Without having to compete with other colors, the artwork can stand out, with your eye being drawn to it at first glance. Your personality and style can be shown easily when your room has white walls. If you love artwork, sculptures, or bold textiles, then think about how amazing those elements will look when displayed against a white backdrop.

white-walls-dining-room Image Source: Nate Berkus

The natural light reflects off the white walls of this dining room, with the plush velvet green chairs making a bold statement. The heavy wooden table, artwork, and busy chandelier have the space to work together, as the surroundings are so minimalistic.

creamier-white-walls Image Source: Nicola Interiors

A softer, creamier white can make a space look warm and inviting., With warm colors in the rug, throw pillows, and artwork, this room looks comfortable, yet glamorous. There are so many shades of white to choose from that you will be truly spoiled for choice! Every color has a white version of it, from pinks to yellows to greens, there are underlying hints of color in all of the white paints on the market. There will be a ‘perfect’ white out there for you and your home, just get some tester pots and paint up a few sample areas before you make your final decision!

white-painted-dining-room Image Source: Nandina Home And Design

This above space has white painted walls, which are the perfect backdrop for the artwork on display. This gallery space allows the colors from the artwork to be dominant, with subtle lighting focused on the canvases. The red chandelier makes a bold statement piece in the room.

wall-art-on-white-wall Image Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd.

The white space in this above home allows the brightly colored artwork to take center stage, as well as the light fixtures and contemporary dining furniture. These pieces are able to stand out on their own, against a clean white backdrop.

white-wall-with-pink-mural Image Source: Anne Hepfer

The bright pinks in this room are able to become bold, with the help of white walls and timeless white furniture. The patterned wall panels, throw pillows, and block colored pink ottoman are reminiscent of traditional designs, which are updated by having this strong color.