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About Me

I have always been intrigued by beauty. As a child, I loved walking in the woods with my mom, picking wildflowers. I love the colors – the way beauty makes me feel happy. Perhaps this is why I love to travel so much, to see different expressions in design, in art, in architecture. And yet the beauty that intrigues me runs far deeper than color palettes and a proper sense of balance. Beauty is all about heart. Passion. Life. The laughter of a child. A couple in love.

I am passionate about interior design and intrigued particularly by designers who captivate personality and express life and emotions within their work–­ designers like Coco Chanel, who are not afraid to stand against the trends and infuse their own style, taste and personality into their work.

Beauty is in life, laughter, cherished moments. Beauty comes from within and spills out into intriguing design. It is the expression of the soul.

I love to write, to explore life, beauty and design. I’m thrilled you are visiting my blog and are sharing a part of this journey with me.

Angelica XO