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Celebrating Female Design-Build Remodelers

From breaking into a male-dominated industry to navigating societal expectations while assuming leadership roles, women in remodeling encounter a myriad of challenges. Despite these barriers, their unwavering determination and passion for their craft propel them forward, inspiring countless others along the way. Through their innovative approaches, these trailblazing designers have reshaped the landscape of remodeling, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Let’s dive into their stories!

Wendy Langston: Towards a “Gender-Blind” Design-Build Experience

Wendy Langston Everything Home

Wendy Langston, a prominent figure in the remodeling industry, embarked on a transformative journey with the founding of Indiana's Everything Home remodeling contractors in 2014. Prior to this venture, Wendy co-founded and operated a luxury new home construction business alongside her husband, refining her distinctive style and cultivating a profound passion for creating extraordinary living spaces. Recognizing a growing demand from clients for personalized boutique remodeling services, Wendy identified an opportunity to elevate the design-build experience through her unique approach. With a keen focus on delivering luxurious yet livable custom interior design solutions, Wendy and her remodeling firm have carved a niche in the Indianapolis metro area. Her unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in a traditionally male-dominated industry underscores her commitment to setting new standards of design and craftsmanship.

We are at home on the job site and embrace the joint responsibility of creating the design and directing and managing trades to execute our design vision flawlessly. There is nothing we like better than the surprised look on site when we solve problems that might ordinarily be reserved for "men's club only." Our clients delight in our knowledge and rest easy when trusting their projects to our team. We are, in a sense, "gender blind". We know our skills and earn the respect of our trade partners, suppliers, and clients day in and day out. We look forward to the day when more of our trades are also women-owned and employ teams of women specialists – electricians, plumbers, HVAC, roofers, masons, and others. But for now, we work to be excellent at what we do and keep our eyes focused on transforming luxury living spaces.

Excerpt from My Exclusive Interview with Wendy

Leila Douglah: Redefining Competence in the Construction Industry

Leila Douglah Douglah Designs

Leila Douglah is the visionary behind Douglah Designs, a renowned design-build remodeling contractor  in the East Bay area since 1997. With a dedicated team of over 30 professionals and a luxurious home improvement showroom, Luxe Home, Leila's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of her work. Beyond her role as a business owner, she is deeply invested in fostering community growth through initiatives like partnering with  Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE) to support Lafayette schools. Whether embarking on a kitchen or bath remodel, an addition project, or a full-scale home transformation, Leila's dedication to client satisfaction continues to set her apart as a beacon of excellence in a male-dominated industry.

Navigating the historically male-dominated construction industry, I occasionally face skepticism from male clients regarding my competency. Yet, as projects evolve, my deep industry expertise and professionalism effortlessly dispel any initial reservations. This gradual process levels the playing field, spotlighting competence over preconceived notions. I'm committed to also maintaining a personal touch that ensures customers enjoy a consistently pleasant overall experience.

Excerpt from My Exclusive Interview with Leila

Julie Laughton: Mastering the Art of Design-Build Remodeling

Julie Laughton Design Build Process

With over three decades of experience in the design-build business, Julie has established herself as a leading figure in the industry, renowned for her timeless designs and meticulous attention to detail. As the founder of her remodeling firm, Julie Laughton Design Build, she seamlessly integrates her expertise as both a designer and general contractor, overseeing every facet of the blueprint and build process from conception to completion. Having completed over 1,000 remodels and custom homes across affluent coastal communities and significant projects in urban hubs like Beverly Hills and Hollywood, Julie's portfolio exemplifies her commitment to excellence. Despite operating in a male-dominated industry, Julie has not only thrived but has also paved the way for women in remodeling, challenging stereotypes, and redefining the landscape of construction.

I built a team so I could do 5-7 jobs at one time without losing time. The core team is like a happy little family. I want to share my message and leave a legacy for the women who want to get into the business, as well as for the men. It's not just swinging a hammer or being a plumber. It's architecture, interior design, and construction – you can be all three! I would love to give scholarships to girls to learn about construction and provide a little more incentive. It's about sharing my experience and leaving a legacy so people can know about it. Because, you know, I did it!

Excerpt from Meet Julie Laughton: Master Luxury Designer & Builder

Daniela Mendoza, Yelitza Mora, and Alejandra Mora: Empowering Women in Construction

Build Tx Empowering Women In Construction

BuildTX Solutions showcases the power of partnership and the unwavering dedication of women in the construction industry. As a female-led remodeling company dedicated to excellence in construction and design, BuildTX Solutions embodies a unique blend of analytical precision and creative vision. With a commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and personalized service, BuildTX Solutions is redefining the standard for home renovations and custom builds in Dallas. In a traditionally male-dominated industry, the women-owned firm challenges stereotypes and paves the way for greater inclusivity and diversity. 

You have those guys that are like, ‘No, I’m used to working with a guy; I’m only going to listen to what the guy has to say.’ But then when they talk to our project manager, they’re like, ‘OK, well, at least they know what they’re talking about.’ They’re the ones that still work with us … they are family. Our customers, they embrace us. I think some people like it, especially girls, and girls are usually the ones that make the decisions when it comes to a home remodel or a new home. It’s easier for us to connect with them. They feel understood. We would 100% hope that our example might encourage more girls to take up a construction trade. The more they see that, the more we’re going to make people understand that it’s OK to be a girl and be in an all-male dominated industry. We are as capable and as intelligent and as driven as everybody else. So why not?

Excerpt from People Newspapers "Leading Ladies"

Rachel Street: Revolutionizing Renovation

Rachel Street Hestia Construction Llc

Rachel Street, the driving force behind Hestia Construction, LLC, is a dynamic figure in the world of remodeling and interior design. As the founder of a woman-owned construction company specializing in design-driven home remodeling in the Philadelphia area, Rachel has carved out a niche for herself in a predominantly male-dominated industry. With each project, Rachel seamlessly blends original architectural features with modern elements, creating spaces that are as functional as they are aesthetically stunning. Despite the challenges of working in a male-dominated industry, Rachel and her team at Hestia Construction have consistently risen to the occasion, proving that talent and determination know no gender boundaries.

Being a woman in this industry is sometimes pretty challenging, but it still has its benefits. You get a lot of attention because you are a woman contractor, but a lot of the time, you gotta work that extra mile to prove yourself every day. Earlier, when I pulled up my truck full of supplies at a site, older men used to laugh at me, but after they saw the project taking shape, they began to ask for construction advice. It's kind of rewarding but can also be frustrating. I try to hire as many women as I can. As a contractor, it's frustrating sometimes when men talk down to you, but also, as a client, it's very frustrating to have a man talk down to you when they come to your home. So a lot of my clients have also been women.

Excerpt from Rachel Street

The Future of Female-Led Design-Build Remodeling

Classic Master Bathroom Interior Design

As we gaze into the future of the design-build industry, one thing is abundantly clear: the presence and contributions of women will only continue to grow and shape the landscape of our built environment. Efforts to support and increase the representation of women in this industry are underway, with initiatives, scholarships, and networks providing vital resources and opportunities. Organizations like Women Into Construction, The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Women in Building Council, and the regional Women in Skilled Trades (WIST) promote and support women in construction and design careers. 

These efforts not only foster a more diverse and inclusive industry but also fuel innovation and creativity, driving positive change for all. As we move forward, it is imperative that we recognize and celebrate the talent, creativity, and leadership of women in remodeling and construction, acknowledging the invaluable contributions they make every day. Let's cheer them on, toast their success, and keep the good vibes flowing. ♥