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Men Have Their Caves, Women Now Have Our Lairs

As the Kips Bay Decorator Show House has finished, I must point out a recent design that completely struck my interest - Phillip Thomas’ Lady Lair!

Inspired by his hard-working mother, this Lady Lair has everything a working woman would want; a sophisticated work space, stylish furnishings, space to socialize as well as space to relax, and, of course, an artistic representation of their creative side.

lady-lair-design Image Source: Newyork Spaces

What Is A Lady Lair?

Similar to the well-known “man cave,” a lady lair is a place where women can retreat to in order to indulge is a multitude of passions and hobbies. Since many of us women are all about keeping a home in good form (organized, clean, and functional), and providing each room with a distinct purpose, a lady lair is where those hobbies that need space but aren’t prioritized when designing a home, take place. Accordingly, most of the time, this will be a multifunctional room, allowing for various activities to happen such as reading, working, exercising, relaxing, and socializing.

Characteristics Of A Lady Lair

A Lady Lair can vary in characteristics depending on a women’s interests and hobbies. Usually, given that this is a space for women to get away from the chaos of life, this room will be designed with that in mind, often including decor and accessories that make her feel relaxed. The wonderful thing about a Lady Lair is that a woman can let her design creativity flow freely; not worrying about an aesthetic that will please the rest of the household. So, if a woman has a passion for fashion, painting, reading, or drinking wine with friends, it is completely up to her how to design the perfect sanctuary that meets the space’s purpose while also reflecting her as a woman.

A commonality I see in many Lady Lairs is the freedom to experiment with colors and textiles. Integrating lavish rugs, colorful and patterned throw pillows, high-quality blankets, and so on, is extremely popular for this design. Basically, anything a woman might need to think twice about when it comes to her favorite fabrics - kids, food, animals - they no longer need to worry, which gives them the peace of mind to design an intricate and detailed interior that they’ve always dreamed of.

So why don’t we take a deeper look into some of my favorite Lady Lair designs!

For The Garden Lover

indoor-plants-in-designImage Source: C.Randolph Trainor Interiors

Turning a sunroom or an outdoor shed (“she shed”) into a Lady Lair is a great way for gardeners to surround themselves with plants and flowers. With all the benefits plants have to offer, creating this personal garden area will heighten your spirits, clear the air, and create a calm and relaxing environment for you and your guests.

For non-gardeners who still want to surround themselves with nature's beauty, remember to choose plants that suit your lair's environment. Take into consideration indoor and outdoor plants, how much sunlight the plant needs (and will they get it from your location), and what external threats may they endure, such as bugs, pets, and extreme weather conditions.

For The Creative Painter

art-in-lady-lairImage Source: Architecture and Design

art-caveImage Source: Architecture and Design

Art deserves its own space. Having an organized and functional room dedicated to art makes for an excellent Lady Lair. When making an artist’s haven, like this, make sure to take into account the amount of natural light as well as the proximity of your tools in relation to your painting area. If you want to enhance your studio further, surround yourself with inspirational elements, such as a beautiful view, stimulating music, or your art collection.

For The Bookworm

library-lairImage Source: Pinterest

Peace and quiet is a must when relaxing and reading a good book. For women with a large assortment of books, designing a “library lair” can be a great opportunity to show off your impressive collection as well as giving you the perfect hideaway, allowing you to envision the imagery of your current book. Designing a cozy and stylish Lady Lair with your love for reading in mind might also inspire you to get some of your closest friends together to discuss your favorite reads! Book club anyone?

For The Musician

music-lairImage Source: Nandina Home & Design

Designing a “music lair” can be quite fun for all of those musicians out there. With just a bit of creativity and the right equipment, creating your own music hall is entirely possible. Whether you are studying music, playing an instrument recreationally, or are in a band, these will all need to be considered when planning out your private music room. A few tips on designing a musically themed lair is, of course, artwork that inspires your musical side or creating artwork with old albums or album covers - remember to frame them for a more put-together look. Another aspect to keep in mind is to invest in high-quality curtains, and rugs, which will prevent any music from becoming distorted and keep the acoustics sounding crystal clear.

And Last But Not Least...For Wine Drinkers!

wine-drinkers-caveImage Source: Pinterest

The ultimate Lady Lair might be the one that is designed for gossiping with your closest girlfriends while enjoying a glass of your favorite vintage vino. Making a room into a fun and elegant winery can be a matter of indulging in some of your favorite wine accessories and decor.

Add a touch of French Provincial colors and textiles into your design, use carafe as flower vases and candle holders, or, if in the right climate and your wine sessions take place outdoors, growing grapes will instantly offer a winery vibe in the summer with its abundance of grape vines.

If beer is your go-to drink, turn your Lady Lair into a Bier Keller by using old keg barrels as side tables, display (or use) your favorite beer mugs, and, finally, get together with friends to taste test your local brewery beers or those exclusive ales you've been saving. Prost!

As you can see, there is a Lady Lair for every woman! Giving yourself the opportunity to design a room made just for you, reflecting your personality and interests, will not only give you a place to retreat from the world from but also offer an area for you to let your creativity thrive. Although these examples are clearly designed with a particular hobby or passion in mind, each of these lairs offers plenty of space to spend time with friends or indulge in other activities. Multifunctionality is key, here, so be creative, have fun, and enjoy your own personal Lady Lair!