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Bathrooms That Inspire

Is there anything more relaxing and refreshing than a long, warm bath in a serene, calming bathroom? While the top priority for a bathroom is that it should be functional, it also matters how the space looks as that will affect how you feel. The latest trends in bathroom design are all about neutral hues, natural light, and tranquil vibes.

Jenni Leasia Design Dunthorpe Master Bathroom
Jenni Leasia Design

Portland’s Jenni Leasia Design excels at creating bright, happy bathrooms that are high on style and function. Listed below are some of my favorites and a great source of design inspiration, so keep reading:


Jenni Leasia Dunthorpe Classic Touch Bathroom
Jenni Leasia Design

Clean lines and classic materials unite in this master bathroom to create a traditional yet modern vibe. The elegant mirrors above the vanities add oodles of elegance, while the light palette and floor lend a fresh feel to the entire room.


Jenni Leasia Design Modern Bathroom
Jenni Leasia Design

This master bathroom offers stunning views of the Willamette River. Jenni was inspired by the colors and textures of the beautiful scenery surrounding the house, and the design reflects that. The master bathroom is airy and light with textured accents in blue, green, and brown tones.


Jenni Leasia Zen Master Suite Bathroom Design
Jenni Leasia Design
Jenni Leasia Zen Master Suite Shower Room
Jenni Leasia Design

This master bathroom was inspired by Japanese design. The tiled-in shower window allows natural light to flood the space while the palette is muted: grey porcelain tile, white quartz, and white walls.

Relaxed Luxury

Riverfront Relaxed Luxury Bathroom
Jenni Leasia Design

Above the Willamette River in the historic Old Town neighborhood of Lake Oswego, this bathroom offers river views that are available from every room. Jenni kept the bathroom bright with a white and creamy palette, marble floors, a marble shower, and a sleek tub that overlooks the grand vista outside the house.

Celebrate the Light

Jenni Leasia Council Crest Bathroom Lightings
Jenni Leasia Design

My favorite part of this bathroom is the wall of skylights.  Jenni used a concrete vanity top and sink complemented with a dark-grey floor tile and 3D wall tiles.

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