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How To Capture A Bohemian Interior

If you want to turn the personality-factor up a notch in your home, a bohemian style is an amazing choice. This fun style is filled with powerful color palettes, welcoming fabrics, and organic textures. They will bring you closer to nature and ready for your summer adventures.

Bohemian - or boho chic, as I like to call it - is a carefree yet edgy interior design style. Filled with rich color, texture, and layers, this style can be described as having an "intentionally messy" look to it. Bohemian interiors are rarely minimalistic, but don’t always have to carry the maximalist flair that we most often see. With that said, decor is important to this style. Globally-infused decor - whether found on your own travels or at a flea market - really ties in that relaxed, bohemian look.

If this is your kind of style, opting for bright and earth-tone hues, metallic accents, rich woods, and natural fabrics are a great start. Wicker, linen, and jute are all terrific choices for accent chairs, rugs, baskets, and wall decor. Layer throw pillows, rugs, and pillows, add in a splash of natural color with plenty of house plants.

Bohemian Colorful Living Room Interiors

A colorful collection of fabrics and finishes, layered textiles, and a “lived in” feel give this gorgeous boho-chic feel. While visually stimulating, the pastel hues create a softer feel. If you want bold and vivid, a similar design style with a more saturated color palette would look just as beautiful.

Bohemian Bedroom Interior Design

While a much tamer bohemian style, the assortment of texture, scale, and dimension offer the same effortlessly “put-together” look. This interior focuses more on the natural elements of a boho-chic design, with an assortment of house plants and natural fabrics and decor. A Persian rug and antique chest anchor down the entire look by incorporating a cultured feel.

Hampton Nh Living Area Design Bohemian InteriorsImage Source: CRT Interiors

Vibrant passionate reds, plentiful patterns, layered textures, pillows galore, and organic decor and furnishings all around. While also erring on a more natural side, Randy Trainor infuses a bold boho-chic vibe into this bachelor pad, keeping it adaptable to even more layers and color - depending on the occasion!

Bohemian style interiors come in all shapes and sizes. While the most popular look may be the maximalist trend, creating a boho-chic vibe is adaptable to various color schemes and decor tastes. Work in a “care-free lived-in” look, such as the designs above, and you’ll undoubtedly create your own unique boho-chic interior!