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Design Looks Perfect For Summer-Fall Transitioning

Oh how I love the summer and all the vibrant and cheerful colors that come along with it! But as we creep closer and closer to fall, one question I'm left with is how to transition my beautiful summer interiors into a cozy fall oasis.

If you're wondering about this, too, then you're in luck! I dug through the portfolios of some of my favorite designers and found designs that still give off that summer vibe but also leave you feeling warm.

Here are my 4 tips for summer/fall color palettes and multi-season furnishings!

Berry Accents

contemporary-style-red-black-sitting-area-upholstered-bench Image Source : Nandina Home & Design

transitional-style-white-living-room-sitting-area-design Image Source : Nandina Home & Design

Nandina Home & Design are masters of adding stunning home decor and color to a neutral contemporary design. In both these projects they added rich berry color to contrast with either light or dark hues. From rich raspberry to bright strawberry, both of these designs are intriguingly colorful yet warm and inviting - the perfect balance of summer and fall!


Orange Accents

douglas-cottage-dining-design Image Source : Bayberry Cottage

contemporary-dining-room Image Source : Courtney Thomas Design

If you're a traditional fall-est, then orange might peek your interest over berry. Nothing screams fall more than a deep pumpkin orange, but that doesn't mean you can't utilize this hue in the summer, too!

I love the addition of bright orange chairs against rustic woods. Use this look as the focal point or mix and match with more contemporary furnishings. Although still a little early for Thanksgiving decor, Bayberry Cottage kept the beachy vacation vibe by having the classic oars hanging on the wall. If you can imagine this outdoor dining area without the centerpiece, this would be a perfect design!


Modern Fireplaces

hamptons-modern-Fireplace Image Source : Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

absolute-condo-fire-place-mississauga Image Source : Nicola Interiors

Spruce up your fireplace and give it a more modern look for seamless summer to fall interiors! Crisp whites work well with all seasons, of course, but summer/fall can feel like the most drastic change, which is why I recommend this look now.

I love both of these fireplace designs as they're a great focal point and practical for colder months. Designers Betty Wasserman and Nicola Gillam offer different takes on the modern look, but both execute the year-round trendy fireplace look that is unlikely to look outdated anytime soon. Light and modern fireplaces are beautiful additions to any home, and as it's different than the traditional brick or stone fireplace, adds something airy to a summer home.


Cozy Indoor/Outdoor Living

grand-ridge-issaquah-outdoor-interior-design Image Source : Michelle Yorke Interior Design

outdoor-seating-area Image Source : Courtney Thomas Design

Relax while sipping on your favorite cocktail or bundle up and watch the leaves turn, these outdoor seating areas are perfect for transitioning between seasons! With large comfortable seating and plush indoor/outdoor textiles, these home extensions stay cool in the summer and warm in the fall.

Design styles of indoor/outdoor rooms varies; some prefer to be able to close the entire room (almost like a sunroom) while others are more than happy with a fireplace and blankets to shield them from colder nights. It's important to note that both these designs are from different climates, Michelle's is from the Pacific Northwest (where rain and wind are ever so prevalent) whereas Courtney's design is located in sunny California.

Whether your main goal is color, texture, and textiles or to make more structural changes, there are plenty of options when it comes to giving your home a seamless transition from summer to fall (and it’s not too early to start now!). I hope these designs were helpful and sparked your inner designer, and would love to hear which styles you chose to try out!

Good luck!