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Inside The Interior Of Austin’s 3D Printed Home

The design industry is buzzing about the latest 3D printed house in Austin! Designed by New Story Charity and ICON, this fascinating new build cost only $4,000, is incredibly stylish, and sustainable! With the goal of printing an entire community in El Salvador by 2019, New Story hopes to have this design and build technique eventually reach communities in need of housing around the globe!

This innovative advancement in low-cost housing has about everyone and their grandmother pretty excited -- especially when you look at the charming interior and realize how lovely these quaint little homes truly are! The interior, by Austin interior designer Sara Malek Barney of BANDD DESIGN, represents the bright, vibrant, rustic tones of El Salvador, including lots of rich reds, oranges, and bold patterns.

Austin Printed Home Bold Patterns

Austin Printed Home Study Table

Austin Printed Home Bedroom

Austin Printed Home Bathroom

Although bright and distinctive colors are found throughout, Sara Malek Barney describes her chosen interior design style as minimalist, explaining that her team didn’t want the home to feel “overworked,” but instead “wanted to make sure we stayed true to using many natural resources and ample greenery.”

From the outside-in, Sara and her team at BANDD did a magnificent job at capturing a functional and stylish interior. With simple lines, cheerful hues, welcoming textures, and well thought-out decor, the interior exhibits a powerful sense of “home” that caters to New Story and ICON’s vision of community, stability, and safety.

Austin Printed Home Living Room

Learn more about New Story’s plans for a 3D printed community in El Salvador as well as how you can help! Every person and family deserves a home, and donating to such an innovative and monumental cause is vital to creating a world where everyone feels a sense of belonging and safety.

This experimental printed house in Austin was designed to support the following movement: