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Bringing Scent Into Interior Design

Have you entered a space for the first time and yet it felt strangely familiar to you? Possibly this has happened to you because it is the subtle scent of the space that sends you the message of familiarity, despite the new visuals for your eyes. We are reminded of past experiences by the scents that we encounter.

Integrating fragrances into interior design used to be neglected. Fortunately though, with the scientifically proven powerful effect of the sense of smell on our body and mind, fragrances are coming to the forefront of interior design. Many interior designers and homeowners actively use home perfumes.

I love experimenting with a wide variety of scents! I would advise you to do the same. For example, I recommend a home fragrance with warm scent like lavender in your bedroom for a relaxing ambiance.

Continue reading the article that I wrote for more information on the physiological and psychological benefits of home fragrances as well as which scents are best used in which rooms: “Why Scent Is Essential To Design