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Colors, Emotions, And Behavior In Interior Design

Have you ever entered a place for the first time and it immediately awakened distinct emotions, like happiness, inspiration to work or a need to socialize? Possibly this has happened to you because it is the effect of the colors of the space which trigger certain feelings and behavior. We are emotionally and mentally affected by the colors that we encounter. As such, gaining knowledge about a color and its impact before choosing it for a personal space, is rather important. Different colors trigger different sentiments and reactions. So the serene, calming hues of a beautiful soft blue, which eases the mind and induces creativity, would be a perfect color for your bathroom or your bedroom. On the other hand, you could paint the walls of your living-room in red, a color that entices excitement and raises one’s energy levels, to keep your discussions alive.

Continue reading the article that I wrote for more information on the emotions and behavior triggered by different colors in interior design as well as which color best applies to each room: “Psychology of Color”.