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The Charm of Cottagecore

Cottagecore is all the buzz lately in the interior design community. This popular style is associated with the Japanese fashion of Mori Kei — using floral-nature-inspired motifs and inspiring simple living. Lush fields, flowers, cottage-style homes, and warm interiors are some of the highlights of this design style. 

Cottagecore represents a lifestyle that takes us away from the constant ringing of phones and staring at screens to a life that is sustainable, close to nature, and fairytale-like to some of us modern peeps. Sustainability has been gaining currency across the world, and cottagecore fits perfectly with this lifestyle. An example of cottagecore is this tiny house by Chloe Barcelou and Brandon Batchelder.

Vintage Tiny House
Image Source: John Hession

The duo built their tiny house on wheels to travel and work freely. Most of this 300 sq ft home is made with salvaged wood and curated vintage finds.

Retro Style Tiny House
Image Source: Chris Saunders

I adore the retro-style oven and the vintage vanity, which includes a designated space for their rabbit – the “Rabitat.” Adorable! The space is strewn with books, objets d'art, and delicate paper lanterns.

Colorful Interiors Riot Prints
Image Source: Chris Saunders

These colorful interiors are a riot of prints, patterns, and an eclectic mix of finds from film sets that the couple has worked on. This tiny house and its inhabitants embody the cottagecore style and philosophy.

While the above example shows one aspect of cottagecore, there are variants to this style. For example, this article in Homes & Gardens Country showcases a minimal, British cottagecore look that is achieved with color instead of the usual florals and prints.

Get the Cottagecore Look

Cottagecore romanticizes country living, and it isn’t just a passing trend or style; it’s a movement. But, even if you don’t or can’t move to the country and start picking flowers, you can still incorporate the cottagecore look in your home and life through decor, accessories, fashion, and how you choose to spend your leisure time. Listed below are some of my favorite cottagecore looks, products, and ways of being.

Cottagecore Decor Looks

I love the nostalgic, romantic look of this space. The fading paint, the chair with floral upholstery, and the natural look are perfect examples of cottagecore. My favorite detail is the flower art on one of the glass panes on the door. The big takeaway: one needn’t update their home to have a lovely place to live in. Sometimes it is country simply that feels more connective and meaningful than polished urban looks.

Cycling Across Lush Fields

Cottagecore is a lifestyle choice and a movement towards a simple life that is not tech-centric but relies on nature for sustenance and leisure. Family picnics in sprawling meadows, cycling across lush fields, and picking tulips on long walks in the countryside are just some of the ways to imbibe the cottagecore vibe.

Joy Street Design Floral Wallpaper
Image Source: Joy Street Design

This powder bathroom by Kelly Finley flaunts moody, floral wallpaper, showcasing cottagecore decor in an updated, urban context. One of the things I love most about this movement is how easily you can introduce elements of cottagecore in a home without having to change everything.

Forget Me Not Ladybird Coaster
Image Source: La Di Da Interiors

This adorable Forget Me Not & Ladybird Coaster is a quirky-pretty way to bring cottagecore into your daily life.

The Dress Mauve Khadi
Image Source: Christy Dawn

Cottagecore isn’t restricted to decor, either. It’s making waves in fashion, too, like this Theo Dress by Christy Dawn — it’s comfortable, natural, organic, and high on style.

The cottagecore movement motivates you to make lifestyle choices that bring you closer to nature. It is an invitation to living with greater simplicity and ease. And, it surrounds you with relaxed imperfections as opposed to the contrived perfectionism of contemporary looks. The philosophy feeds the design, which then provides the feeling. It is a movement that supports returning to the heart and enjoying the little things. ♥