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Rocking the Home Office Design

For those lucky enough to carry out the work day from the comfort of their home, it is extremely important for this space to really and truly feel like an office. One needs to be able to easily tap into the work zone without any of the distractions that come from the home vibe.

Whether a home office is big, small, open, or closed, to design the perfect atmosphere it is always important to surround the workspace with furniture and decor that enhance concentration, productivity, and creativity, while also suiting one's personal style.

For example, this home office, designed by VRA Interiors, LLC, has elegantly consolidated simplicity with style to create a clean, distraction-free space.

buckhead-atlanta-interior-design Image Source : VRA Interiors

When setting up a home office, consider these five decor elements:

Comfortable & Supportive Seating

It is necessary for the body to have the correct support during the day, especially when spending most of your time sitting in a chair. The correct office chair will help with productivity, as the body won't become uncomfortable, which can affect one's physical and psychological well-being.

Design Directives put together this office, full of texture and character, where the most gorgeous and comfortable leather seat is placed, utilizing style, comfort, and support. If you look at their portfolio, you’ll notice how this office design seamlessly integrates with the rest of the home, bring residential warmth to a space free of distractions.

design-directives-home-office-design Image Source : Design Directives, LLC

Proper Office Lighting

Appropriate office lighting is essential, as it not only makes it easier to read, write, and pay close attention to detail, but can also affect a person's mood. The lighting needs to be, what is called, an "in-between," not too bright, as that can be tiresome to the eyes, but not too low, as that can be tiresome to the mind.

The ideal office would be in a space that receives an abundance of natural light, as this is the best light for productivity, comfort, and the process of our "human clock," also known as circadian rhythms. If natural light isn’t a possibility, replicate it by utilizing lighting that is warm in color but also light enough to easily read and write.

Appropriate Wall Decor

When it comes to decorating the walls of a home office, it is recommended to use a light colored paint as they are not as tiring on the eyes and can easily be "dressed up" with paintings, clocks, pictures, certificates, and so forth.

If a more dramatic or stimulating look is wanted, using a wall mural to achieve a specific style or theme is a great choice. There are many stylish, chic, and elegant wall mural designs, for both classic and modern spaces, which look stunning in home offices.

stouffville-study-room-design Image Source : Lumar Interiors

Sufficient Storage

Adequate storage space can easily be a forgotten piece in a home office design. Although necessary to any office, some homes simply are not big enough for the usual storage space, which just means utilizing a bit of creativity. Chi Renovation & Design demonstrates a perfect alternative, saving space by utilizing modern flat panel built-in cabinets.

chi-renovation-design-home-office-design Image Source : Chi Renovation & Design

If space is not limited, take advantage of your space with a nicely designed, full-wall bookcase. Scottsdale interior designer Susie Hersker of Design Directives provides a beautiful example of how to implement a large storage unit that will maintain a sleek and stylish look that perfectly integrates with the room design.

modern-home-office-furniture Image Source : Design Directives, LLC

Something Inspiring

Including decorative items that trigger inspiration and creativity are also an important element in a home office design - or any office design, for that matter. This could be a framed picture of family and friends, a beautiful plant, a thank you card from a client or anything else that brings about positivity in one's work life

observatory-park-study-room-cabinets Image Source : MARGARITA BRAVO

Decorating a home office can be very exciting and rewarding as this means the style, vibe, and theme can be exactly how one wants it to be, utilizing personal style, comfort, and work needs.

Since many of us spend so much time in our offices, think of it as a room worthy of the time and budget to do right. You won’t regret such an investment!