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Capturing A Chic Eclectic Interior

Who doesn’t love the curated look of a well put-together eclectic interior? Eclectic design is as unique as you and me; taking inspiration from a variety of styles, much like we do with fashion.

Eclectic spaces focus on bringing together various design styles into one space. By mixing and matching different design elements - old with new, casual with formal, modern with vintage, etc. - these interiors are often described as bold and artsy. For a well-curated look and feel, designers focus on establishing a juxtaposition, especially between foundation and accent pieces. This could incorporate more contemporary pieces for the larger furnishings and then focus on a mix of design styles or eras for the accents.

Although mixing-and-matching might sound easy, an eclectic style interior takes more than throwing together a few random pieces. The design needs to tie together, and one way to accomplish this is by anchoring down a certain color palette, material, or scale. When there’s a similar theme throughout the room, this will anchor the design and create cohesiveness.

Here are a few eclectic interiors to get you thinking about the elements you want to mix and match!

Vintage Glam

Bedroom Interior Chi Renovation Image Source : Chi Renovation & Design Photography by Alcove Images

Following a dark color palette with brass accents, this bedroom exudes glamour in every sense! Even more impressive is how this interior showcases a perfectly balanced eclectic mix. The modern lighting and vintage mirror and artwork are tied together with the brass accents. For a touch of contrast, varying textures and bold prints are welcomed into the mix.

Light & Airy

Living Room Light Airy Vra

Contemporary Furnishings Vra Image Source : VRA Interiors

This eclectic living room brings together traditional and contemporary furnishings tied in with a mix of old and new decor. Using a soft blush and beige color palette, more modern pieces - such as the coffee table - are easily integrated. The room is left feeling light and airy with a special focus on the decor and accent prints.

Urban Chic

Urban Meets Cottage Nandina Designs Aiken Image Source : Nandina Home & Design

Described as “urban meets cottage,” this eclectic Aiken interior couples traditional leather and furniture with industrial style decor and beach-inspired shiplap walls. A black and white color palette ties the mix of styles together, while bright pops of yellow, stylish cowhide, and a mixture of prints create visual interest.

Sophisticated Accents

Denver Bonnie Brae Open Kitchen Renovation

Bonnie Brae Denver Kitchen Renovation Image Source : MARGARITA BRAVO

This bright and refreshing kitchen exhibits a subtle yet powerful eclectic design. Traditional detailing on the kitchen island along with its striking blue color creates a focal point, while a mixture of texture, bold pattern, and oversized pendant lights contribute to a diverse interior design style.

Whether you want your home to be dramatic or subdued, an eclectic style gives you the chance to consolidate your favorite elements into one cohesive interior design. As you can see from the above interiors, a cohesive color palette, complementing foundation pieces, and eye-catching accents help create a balanced eclectic look.

Let me know your tricks to nailing an eclectic interior in the comment section below!