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Cool Coastal & Waterfront Interiors

Last Updated: August 24, 2021

Cool coastal interiors are perfect for summertime! Boasting a light and airy feel, this design style is often found sporting light neutrals such as sand, tan, white, green, and blue hues. Shoreline-inspired designs often lean on the natural; utilizing organic elements such as driftwood, stone, distressed woods, soft linens, and other natural attributes. These natural components bring unique texture, so finding a balance between their look and feel is key to a harmonious design.

Here are a few of my favorite coastal styles that showcase how versatile this design trend can be!

Beach-Inspired Decor

Hampton Boathouses Beach Inspired Decors Image Source : Annette Jaffe Interiors

Hampton Boathouses Living Room Decor Ny Image Source : Annette Jaffe Interiors

Beach-themed decor and/or accents are a great way to hone in on your waterfront design. Nautical-themed decor, artwork, seashells, and classic stripes all enhance the feel of a coastal home. Whether your home is on the oceanfront or a lake, including details that represent your area will further personalize your space.

Shiplap Accents

Shiplap Accents For Kids Room Image Source : Courtney Thomas Design

Watersound Florida Playroom Design Image Source : Darci Hether New York

Shiplap accents, whether on the wall or ceiling, is a classic element to coastal design. With a nod to rustic design and its rich texture, shiplap will create a beachside cottage feel, no matter the size of the home. If you don’t have shiplap walls already, there are plenty of wallpaper alternatives that look just as amazing!

Indoor/Outdoor Textiles

Hawaii Luxury Home Grand Room Interior Design Image Source : LiLu Interiors

Berkshire House Living Room Interiors Image Source : Courtney Thomas Design

Pacific Palisades Family Room Interiors Image Source : Amy Peltier Interior Design & Home

It’s no secret that many interior designers swear by indoor/outdoor textiles even when not at the beach - which makes sense as they are way more durable! But the textures and prints make them a perfect choice for beachfront and shoreline homes. Complement your home & location by opting for playful patterns and waterfront hues, such as blue, green, and beige.

Natural Textures & Colors

Southampton Modern Farmhouse Outdoor Design Image Source : Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

Hamptons Modern Family Room Image Source : Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

Nothing says laidback and sophisticated as much as neutral colors and organic textures. Distressed and polished woods, houseplants, and soft color palettes will undoubtedly create a feeling of easy-breezy beach life.

Enjoy bringing out your summer aesthetic with these unique, vibrant, and relaxed styles.