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Especially in this period of social isolation, it is important for your kids to have multiple spaces at home to live their lives–whether playing or studying, Zooming for school or doing crafts. (Yes, my list intentionally left off spending hours lost on TikTok and Snapchat). Take a look at all of these calming, yet functional, kids spaces I’ve recently discovered through interior designers on my watch list.

Homework and Reading Space

Mb Reading Space

In the kids space above, we see some fun watercolor animal prints (which are probably my favorite feature in the room), wooden cabinets, and a delightfully printed rug. This space is well lit, has windows, and wooden floors. Denver’s Margarita Bravo designed this space, adding stuffed animals, and cozy seating so that the kids have many options on how to inhabit the space depending on their activities.

Kids Contemporary Playroom

The playroom above is part of a remodel where NYC’s Betty Wasserman turned a traditional home into a contemporary one for a family in The Hamptons. I love all of the shelves, cabinets, and the large windows. The little pops of blue and yellow around the room draw the eye in and the cozy chairs would be great for watching a movie or reading a book.

Calming Study Space

Austin Chloes Bloom Home Office Interior Design

What a great place to study! I absolutely adore the comfy chairs and beehive corkboard designed by Austin’s BANDD DESIGN. The blue patterned rug and the world map print are two of my other favorite features in the room. The colors BANDD DESIGN uses creates a study space that is calming and relaxing for kids and teens alike.

Elegant Crafts & Homework Space

Berkshire House Study Space
Courtney Thomas Design

I am partial to the patterned chairs and the gorgeous rug seen in this elegant study space designed by La Cañada’s Courtney Thomas Design. Additionally, this room has a TV and lots of space for storing all the craft supplies. This crafts and homework space is infused with natural light, while the far desks provide the parents with their own cozy nooks to get their work done. 

There are many different ways to design a space in which kids can study, do art, or relax. These elegant solutions hold the bar high, inspiring me to up my game. Do they inspire you too? ♥