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Trendy Interiors: Accents To Try This Spring

Ready to give your home a refreshing and new ambiance this spring? I always find spring to be one of the most fun times to update a home -- as the weather begins to improve, cheerful accents further accentuate this energetic time of year.

Accent pieces can be as small or large as you like, and range from fabrics and textiles to larger casegoods. So, if you’re looking for a few stylish ways to up your interior design, here are the top looks designers are taking advantage of right now!

Mixed & Matched Patterns

Modern Luxury Home Dining Room DesignImage Source: Nandina Home & Design

Patterns - especially soft and curvy patterns - are in. Nandina Home & Design brilliantly showcase how mixed patterns work wonders, and while their design does exhibit both curved and lined prints, the unique teardrop wallpaper and floral decor are undoubtedly the most powerful accent in the room.

I also love how the Nandina team chose a smaller sized wall to accentuate -- this works great for contrasting against the neutral tones as well as adding a surprising pop of color, all without taking away from the elegance of the design.

Large Houseplants

Modern Luxury Home Living Room DesignImage Source: Nandina Home & Design

Now, if you want to add some serious color without changing too much in your home, large houseplants are a fantastic choice. Large and in-charge foliage choices instantly brighten and rejuvenate a room (Greenery wasn’t a color of the year for no reason!) and become a part of the entire aesthetic.

I've been seeing tree-like houseplants more and more lately, and I love the look! They are tall, bright, and cheer up any space. And, because this is a naturally bright accent, it will complement any design style or color palette.

Smooth Organic Woods

Golden Key Park Kitchen RenovationImage Source: Margarita Bravo

Rich wooden casegoods will always be a trend, but the marrying of rustic-inspired pieces and contemporary style is truly a match made in heaven. As Margarita Bravo demonstrates, one can integrate both looks by opting for organic shapes and smooth (unweathered) finishes.

One doesn't have to invest in large pieces either -- just look at how much beauty those chic wooden stools add! This is definitely a look that will welcome in spring and summer, as the organic textures remind us of the beautiful outdoors.

Black & White Kitchens

Kcc Design Build Kitchen DesignImage Source: KCC design + build

High contrast color palettes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. From the black hardware to the soft white cabinets, this kitchen interior is looking classic and fresh. The addition of a full-wall backsplash with understated gray/metallic tones just adds to the entire look.

If you're looking to integrate this traditional black and white duo, changing out the hardware is an easy adjustment! If your cabinets are wooden, no problem! Look for a contrasting area rug or kitchen decor.


Azalea Cottage Dining Room DesignImage Source: Bayberry Cottage

Will pinstripes ever go out of style? Probably not. But, there's something about their sophisticated casual look that makes it a perfect print for spring. Bayberry Cottage mixed & matched their pinstripes with spring florals, with adds even more spring flair to the space.

Aside from dining room chairs, pinstripe curtains, area rugs, throw pillows, and bedding will all capture this cool, coastal vibe without you needing to change too much!

Sprucing up your home for the new season should be an exciting and creative experience. Don’t feel the need to stick too closely to any one trend, just make sure it captures your style and the mood you’re trying to convey. I’d love to hear which of these spring accents you’re going to try -- or if you have your own go-to look, let me know in the comments below!