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Kitchen Trends: High-Contrast Color Palettes

With all the hype surrounding bright and bold interiors, I’ve actually become intrigued by classic high-contrast color palettes. Mainly found in kitchens and bathrooms, there is something so charming about a chic black and white interior. It’s timeless, sophisticated, and showcases both masculine and feminine elements.

While black and white is coming back into style, other high-contrast duo-chromatic color palettes have also caught my eye. I’ve found so much inspiration from softer color palettes that still exhibit the same striking contrast, such as deep espressos, charcoal grays, and moody matte blues. Such high-contrast colors flawlessly complement different areas of a room, drawing one’s eye to all the right places and, when done right, creating a balance that’s harmonious and captivating in all its simplicity.

Here are a few of my favorite duo-chromatic kitchen designs!


Issaquah Kitchen Area DesignImage Source: Michelle Yorke Interior Design

Black statements in a mostly white kitchen are great for accentuating certain aspects. From the kitchen island to the patio doors and windows, Michelle Yorke adds intrigue by creating focal points out of larger, bolder elements.

Doors, light fixtures, cabinets, and chairs are all great ways to add in a bit of drama to your kitchen interior.

Berkshire House La Canada Open Kitchen InteriorImage Source: Courtney Thomas Design

Dark flooring is another eye-catching way to add in a duo-chromatic color palette, especially if you want to go heavy on the lighter hues on top. A large area (such as the floors) balances out the white cabinets, countertops, and ceiling, providing a subtle yet powerful combination. Of course, this could be reversed for a very dramatic look - with white marble flooring and dark accent colors on top!

Ruscoe Etobicoke Kitchen Interior DesignImage Source: Nicola Interiors

This high-contrast kitchen isn’t stark black and white, but it is equally striking! The dark island and wooden ceiling accent add a pleasant dimension against the crisp white counters and glazed backsplash. The soft organic accent pieces allow for the two prominent colors (storm gray and white) to stand out, while both being complemented by the touches of metallic. The glamorous finishes and accessories further enhance the contrast, making this a chromatic color palette full of depth!

Luxe Kitchen Interior Design AtlantaImage Source: VRA Interiors

VRA Interiors took full advantage of this bright open-concept condo! The espresso cabinets and white elements add dimension while seamlessly fitting in with the rest of the chic gray interior. Having the dark accents concentrated in the center accentuates the high-contrast and really anchors down the look. The crisp whites instantly create a modern feel, and add an open, airy, and inviting sense to the room. If black or gray is too dark for you (or your home), contrasting lighter colors with rich woods is always a safe choice, as the breathtaking organic details are warm and welcoming!

Finding a color palette that speaks true to your style and home’s architecture is key to designing a stellar interior! If vivid colors aren’t your cup to tea, high-contrasting earth tones and neutrals will provide a similar effect.

Hope these kitchens have sparked your imagination -- let me know how a duo-chromatic color palette worked in your home! ♥