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Jaw-dropping Wood Sculptures

Have you seen the amazing work from South Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee?! These amazing pieces have blown my mind!

I make artworks with materials around me that I can manipulate. Usually those materials are from nature,
(Jae-Hyo Lee)

The artist places each piece of wood in flames until it is charred black, then he polishes the surface until the wood pieces shine, making them contrast with the scorched inside. You can see that each completed wood sculpture entails many hours of hard work.

The artist uses organic materials often collecting discarded tree trunks and branches. He then transforms them into perfectly formed globes, columns and furniture-esque objects. The pieces are renowned and have been displayed in museums, galleries and boutique hotels. Here are a few images for you to drool over…!

lounge-chair-in-big-cone-pine-cross-sectionsImage Source: Dornob

The surface of this superb chair looks like a printed fabric! It is so smooth and flat it has an amazing surface pattern quality.

coffee-tableImage Source: Dornob

This sculpted piece has been put together with intricate thought. A fantastic curved piece that could be a footstool or small table.

globe-sculptureImage Source: Dornob

This globe like sphere looks so smooth, I would love to be able to run my hand over it to see what it feels like!

wood-sculpted-pieceImage Source: Dornob

A sculpted piece with gaps, I like how you can see through it to whatever is behind. This would be great placed in front of a seascape or other interesting landscape. I also like how you can clearly see the rings on the wood, they look hand drawn.

wood-sculptureImage Source: Dornob

This sculpted piece is amazing! You can clearly see how much hard work went into the creation of all of these pieces but this one is so intricate it must have taken a long time! It looks as though it could be soft to sit on, I would love to try it out!

totem-poleImage Source: Dornob

An interesting totem pole like sculpture...I’m not sure what I would do with this if it was in my home...maybe tie fairy lights around it? That would look so good!

landscape-wood-sculptureImage Source: Dornob

This looks incredible, featured in a natural setting the wood sculpture is larger than life, made from natural materials into an unnatural shape.

I believe you can get more of a 'wow effect' when you create a striking piece from everyday, common materials.
(Jae-Hyo Lee)

What do you think of these wood sculptures? I would love to know! ♥