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Inside The World Of Design With Lisa Peck

Minneapolis Interior Designer Lisa Peck’s design slogan is “bringing intention home,” and it’s this quality that lured me to LiLu Interiors. This designer’s client-centric work inspires homes that reflect and suit the way her clients live. Her designs intentionally serve a purpose, and she unites this functionality with a tasteful palette of cheerful color and elegance. Her inspiration is defined by the location and layout of each home. Functionality plays a pivotal role in her designs as she believes that “if a space doesn’t function well, you will never really see the beauty of the space, only the frustrations it causes in not functioning well.” I completely agree.

This versatile designer doesn’t have a signature style because each project develops an original look based on the architecture as well as her clients’ tastes and lifestyles. LiLu doesn’t have a signature style but what all of their projects have is a custom piece that’s personalized to reflect the client and a piece that will make the inhabitants of the space smile every time they see it.  Lisa feels that the design industry is moving towards a future where technology and environment will play a significant role, and it’s all going to be very exciting for interior designing.

So without further ado, please welcome Lisa.

Lisa Peck Lilu Interiors

Q: Your design slogan is “bringing intention home.” Can you elaborate on that?

Lisa: Many of our clients are very intentional about their career and lifestyle. We work with c-suite level executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, philanthropists, and others who approach their lives, how they spend their time and how they work very intentionally. We help them take that same intentional approach to creating a home that will fully support their lifestyle based on the intentions, values, and goals for their lives.

One example is we had a client who wanted to create a retreat for him, his wife, and their grown children and their families. We intentionally designed spaces that gave each family private space and large gathering spaces. We incorporated fun and family activities into the home to keep the grandkids coming back.

From large intentions to being the home where all the teens want to be or a home that supports wellness, to designing the daily stress of a poorly designed kitchen out of your life, we use the “why” behind the project to design a space that uplevels our clients’ lives.

Lilu Interiors Luxury Green Modern Condominuim

Q: You have a flair for using color, prints, and patterns in unexpected ways. What is the thought process you follow when choosing palettes and wallpapers?

Lisa: We start every project with a concept often based on words and images that reflect our clients’ goals, tastes, the emotion they want their home to evoke, and then develop a color palette as well. Once our client approves of the concept, we proceed with selecting finishes, fabrics, rugs, wallpapers that fit our concept. 

Once a concept is established we start searching showrooms for fabrics, rugs, and wallpapers. I will find one or two that feel like the perfect fit for a specific client. Once we have a “magic fabric” or palette building rug we fill in the palette with patterns and colors that work with that central textile. Mixing patterns is a matter of paying close attention to the scale, motif, and color to create a pleasing scheme. 

For scale, we work with one large-scale pattern, some mid-scale, some small scale, and plain fabrics that work with the patterns. When thinking about motifs, I always like to create a balance of floral or abstract patterns with more geometric or striped fabrics. Textures work beside the patterns to keep our palettes balanced. Years of experience designing interiors goes into each decision we make about the pattern mix. 

Lilu Interiors Lakeplace Home Office Design

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to buy/renovate a home in Minneapolis?

Lisa: There are so many great neighborhoods in Minneapolis with lakes and parks nearby. Choose your location first and then the house. Minneapolis has diverse neighborhoods, you can choose your experience. Be near the lakes, the river,  or in a fabulous walkable spot near great shops and restaurants. Starting with your location is sure to be the best start to designing a daily life you love. 

I have toured homes with clients to help them see the possibilities or pitfalls that might be present. A house that feels dowdy but has good bones can be difficult to identify. I would say if you need help understanding the potential of a home consult an expert to help you make this significant decision. 

Once you have the right location and right home, I would also say to get a team of professionals who can help you execute on your vision for a beautiful home, designed and assembled, and let them help you achieve the home of your dreams. The wealth of talent in the architecture, design, and construction industry in Minneapolis makes it easy to assemble a team of professionals who are a good fit for you and your project.

Lilu Interiors Modern Boys Bedroom Interior Design

Q: While your designs have a fresh original look, they’re also practical spaces that serve a purpose. How do you find the balance between style and function?

Lisa: In today’s marketplace, there are so many wonderful, beautiful materials that are durable too, it makes creating the balance between function and style easy. For furnishings, if we can’t find an existing piece of furniture that meets both style and functional requirements, we simply design a custom piece.

I think that function comes first in most homes because if a space doesn’t function well you will never really see the beauty of the space, only the frustrations it causes in not functioning well.

Lilu Interiors Luxury Kitchen Interior Design

Q: I see a lot of bold decor in your designs — from abstract, quirky art to statement accessories. Is that a signature LiLu style?

Lisa: We work very hard to have our clients' homes look like our clients and reflect their life story and their aspirations for their lives in the future. I prefer to listen to our clients, observe their lives and understand the “why” behind each project to create a design concept that is unique to that person or family.

I once told a former assistant I didn’t have a signature style. She replied you do, every room has a whimsical touch. I think she may be right. If I were going to claim a signature it would be that every space has at least one element that is completely custom and designed just for that client and one element (at least) that makes you smile.

Luxury Living Room Pink Turquoise Minneapolis Interior

Q: Do you think design should be timeless or trendy, or a combination of both?

Lisa: It’s important to consider what is trendy versus what is a trend. Glass tile is a trend and we started using it in 1997 and we still use it today. A trend will last decades and not just be a trendy element that will be a flash in the pan. Understanding when a new color, material, or fixture arrives on the scene whether it is the star of the moment or a trend that will have an arc of 30 years is one of the skills a professional interior designer must have.

I think the best design speaks to the occupant and brings them joy, peace, and wellness, in that way, regardless of the style, it will always be timeless. A timeless appeal should be the goal and including trendy elements that speak to you is a strategy we like to use. I never recommend pursuing a trend just because it is “in”.

Lilu Interiors Art Of Family Entry Way

Q: What is the future of interior design?

Lisa: I think we will see a renewed excitement in the industry in the next few years. There are so many significant developments in all areas of home design and technology, I see the future as bright. We have lighting today that is extraordinarily flexible and can paint a mood in a space in ways we couldn’t before. There are new appliances and fixtures that allow us to design spaces that support well-being in environments. We as an industry have a great impact on the well-being of people and the planet. I think more and more people are understanding the impact their surroundings can have on them and want to have an environment at home, at work and when traveling that delivers the best everyday experience to them. 

Getting to know Lisa and her work was a joyful experience. Check out her work on LiLu Interiors, and follow her for design inspiration on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz. ♥