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Tips for Nature-inspired Interior Design

One of my favorite trends that has remained timeless is… drumroll please… nature-inspired interior design! More and more homeowners are using nature-inspired colors, textures, and patterns to bring the awe-inspiring feeling of the great outdoors into the four walls of the home. In this context, biophilia is becoming more relevant than ever – humanity’s inherent desire to belong to and be a part of the natural world. Warm, earthy tones with the addition of plenty of plants, natural colors, and rounded edges for furniture, all contributing towards creating a soothing home environment, are on trend in 2023.

Ideas for Nature-inspired Home Design

Some of the ways you can easily create a nature-inspired home ambiance are by using the following techniques:


Add plenty of plants and greenery to different parts of the home. Use fresh-cut flowers in the living room and kitchen, potted plants, herb gardens, or even a living wall. The possibilities with botanicals are endless!

Upcycle With Natural Home Decor

Take inspiration from nature to plan your home design with nature-themed decor. Irregularly shaped side tables made of logs, a beautiful wooden branch to hang paintings or family photographs, or just pines cones, frame dried leaves or branches, tree branch chandeliers, lamps, or curtain rods. Again, the possibilities are endless!

Natural Stains for Furnishings

Nature has the most beautiful colors and the perfect color combinations that make us go, “wow!” So go ahead, choose earthy greens, rustic browns, light tans, creamy whites, and soft grays to add the wow factor to your home.

Fiber Fabrics

Natural fibers are popular among interior designers because they are affordable, durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and instantly creates an elegant, natural, and rustic aesthetic to the home. Fiber materials include linen, jute, cotton, bamboo, and rattan.

Room-wise Nature-inspired Decor

While adding natural decor is great for any space, here are some tried and tested tips for each space in your home.


In the bedroom, you want to create a welcoming space that instantly relaxes you the moment you step in. Some ways to achieve this are installing natural wood through bamboo headboards and side tables and adding wall murals or natural sculptures. Vintage plant posters, wool pillows, and linen or cotton sheets can also instantly create the soothing bedroom you always wanted!


Bathrooms are one of my favorite spaces to create a natural environment that soothes the mind after a long day. Add natural greenery with plants to promote a sense of well-being. Opt for all stone bathrooms, aged wood, a wooden tub caddy, old wine barrels as tubs, fresh flowers, or cane basket decor to help you step out of the bathroom feeling refreshed and re-energized.

Living Room

In the living room, try adding natural elements that create a statement. Living rooms are spaces that are more conversational, where you entertain family, friends, or acquaintances. So make sure that the decor is something of a conversation starter. Large basketweave area rugs, rattan trunks, oversized sea grass floor lamps, macrame or rope accent pieces, and oversized plants are exciting ways to add nature-inspired decor to your living room.

Home Office

A home office should be a space that encourages productivity and help you focus on the work at hand. Natural elements are a great idea to create a soothing environment to help reign in your thoughts and promote creativity. Start with a natural rustic wooden desk and place it next to a window. The outdoors is an excellent source of inspiration and helps relax the eyes after hours of continued screen usage. Add tall wooden shelves with potted plants and posters with scenes of nature, trees, flowers, and wildlife to deeply immerse the space in nature-inspired decor.

Dining Room

The dining room is another gathering space for conversations and entertaining. Get creative with nature-inspired decors such as organic center pieces like a wooden bowl with decorative stones, seashells, pine cones, pieces of driftwood, flower arrangements, wood trays, and nature-inspired table runners and placemats. 


Nature-inspired kitchens look fresh, elegant, and cheerful. Try a group of white-framed botanical prints or a grouping of small plants on the refrigerator to lend texture to the neutral space. Marble and other natural stone accents with green, brown, or taupe tones can also add depth and sophistication. Large houseplants, nature-themed plates and pitchers, cut flowers, a skylight, live-edge wood, and carved-stone sinks are all unique ways to create a nature-inspired kitchen.


An entryway is a great way to make a fantastic first impression. Group a variety of tall branches in a large rustic vase, vintage bird images, beautiful plants, and rustic decor to create a warm, inviting, and nature-inspired home that screams, “welcome!”

A Nature-inspired Way of Life

Mother Nature is a beautiful teacher, and there are many ways to benefit from living in a nature-inspired home other than just aesthetics. Living amidst nature can significantly improve health, and personal well-being, help clear the mind and inspire a joyful life. Using natural materials and decor is also a tremendous step towards sustainability and environmental friendliness. If a nature-inspired home design is on your mind, don’t hesitate to hire an interior designer to help you plan your dream green home! ♥