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Fall Interiors: Introducing Gorgeous Florals

Florals have become a staple in today’s interior design world. Whether working with prints or the real thing, adding florals to a home will undoubtedly add a soft, colorful, and intriguing touch to the home. I like to work with different florals and foliage throughout the seasons; it keeps interiors interesting by making only subtle changes. Happy pastels in the spring, more saturated hues in the summer, and then in the fall and winter is when I like to use floral themes that focus on rich and warm tones.

If you're getting ready to switch out your summer textiles, centerpieces, or carpeting, these 4 floral accents will instantly add that fall warmth we all love so much!

Orange & Yellow

Los Feliz Bungalow Living Room DesignImage Source: Courtney Thomas Design

This is a great transitionary color palette for fall as yellow is a popular choice for summer decor and fabrics. The warmth of the orange and vibrancy of yellow reflect the fall in so many ways; turning leaves, fall vegetables such as corn and squash, a warm fire, and so much more! The rich orange tones are complemented by the bright yellow ones, creating a welcoming fall-themed style that’s also cheerful and bright! Perfect if you love bold colors!

Dark Textiles

Leeward Brampton Dining Area DetailImage Source: Nicola Interiors

Dark color palettes are huge this year and I don’t see this trend tapering off anytime soon. The high-contrast florals in this dining room are a beautiful example of using negative space. The stark white florals pop but are instantaneously toned by the darker, midnight blue background. Dark prints are understated and sophisticated, so if you’re hosting formal gatherings this fall and winter season, this would be the perfect accent!

Ravishing Reds

Ravishing Reds Bedroom Ambiance

This bedroom screams fall, doesn't it? The mixture of brick, cinnamon, and apple reds heighten the fall-inspired ambiance. With so many layered colors in this interior, the floral prints make a statement but aren’t too “loud.” Sometimes less is more, and this ravishing bedroom proves that with its larger (but less) floral prints.


Nandina Home Modern Dining Chairs DesignImage Source: Nandina Home & Design

With summer behind us that means our summer gardens are, too. It’s time for a change and these branch florals provide a super fall-feel with its bare look and touch of lively florals. Even without changing the rest of your home decor and interior textiles, these centerpieces — whether in the dining room, kitchen, living room, or bedroom — will create a fall-esque style that your family and friends will love!

Fall is such an exciting time of the year, it’s the entrance to all the holiday joy, cozy nights, and meaningful meals with family and friends. Adding interior accents will heighten your experience, leaving you feeling as though you’re fully embracing the holiday spirit. If you’ve never given much thought to fall design, then these fall floral accents are the perfect place the begin. If you’re a longtime fall/winter decor enthusiast, let me know which other fall-themed decor you enjoy using in the comments below!

Until next time!