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Why Great Seating Areas Belong In Every Room

As a designer, are you always looking out for new ways to enhance functionality and style in your interior designs? Looking into each client’s lifestyle is definitely one way to gauge what their needs are - but we can also look to our collective activities for insight on what needs to go into a home’s design. Talking, reading, relaxing, drinking tea or coffee - these are all daily activities we do but not necessarily do in the conventional living room or sitting room, or at least it doesn’t need to be confined to that!

Combining our daily needs with visual interest and practicality is what interior designers do best, which is why cozy, chic, and intimate seating areas are cropping up all throughout the industry. For detailed information (and tips) on what goes into such seating areas, ranging from bathroom designs to home offices, check out my latest article and find out the key fundamentals to enhancing your designs: Your Guide To Home Seating