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4 Reasons To Love Neutrals

Summer Neutrals

Sometimes bold isn’t better, and with the latest craze being big prints & loud color, It’s important not to forget that less can be more. There are many times when an interior benefits most from a soft neutral color scheme, especially when texture or embellishments are a large part of the decor.

So, if you think neutrals are boring, lifeless, or a way of avoiding color mishaps, you couldn’t be more wrong. The soft tones and natural aesthetic of neutrals are a popular choice for many high-end interior designers, and it’s easy to see why once you take a deeper look into their harmonious designs.

Here are 4 reasons to love a neutral color palette:

They Are Sophisticated

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Interior DesignImage Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

Neutral tone-on-tone palettes are sophisticated in their simplicity. Not excessive or gaudy, neutrals effortlessly work together to harmonize a space. Whether you want to use a two, three, or four neutral tone combination, they’ll undoubtedly play off of each other while brightening up a space by attracting (and reflecting) light. Neutrals are one of those classic looks that rarely go wrong; so if the goal is an elegant and refined home, such as color combination will do the trick.

They Work Well With Texture & Pattern

Modern Hill Top Home Bedroom DesignImage Source: Design Directives

This bedroom by Susie Hersker clearly shows her immense attention to detail. Exhibiting engraved casegoods, a textured wallcovering and bedding, and printed throw pillows. This amount of texture would be too much to take in if surrounded by rich, saturated colors. Neutrals allow one to play with unique textures, be it wallpaper, knits, exposed brick, stone, cowhide, etc. If texture’s not your style, layered prints and patterns will looks equally chic, especially when exhibiting a mix of neutral hues — for example dove gray, taupe, ivory, camel, and sand.

They Have A Calming Effect

Master Bathroom Design

The lack of saturation in neutral colors creates an extremely calming effect visually. Being so easy on the eyes, neutral color palettes allow one to take in a room’s design in its entirety; creating an visual flow that can be hard to capture with “loud” colors and patterns. For a further calming effect, integrate natural elements into your interior for distinguished elements that prevent monotony.

They Complement All Design Styles

Lincoln Tower Bellevue Living Room Interior DesignImage Source: Michelle Yorke Interior Design

It’s hard to find an interior design style that doesn’t mesh with neutral colors; I think even maximalist interiors can benefit from such tones! Whether it’s a modern, rustic, Scandinavian, bohemian, or industrial interior, neutral tones have a powerful place in all of these styles. When going neutral, you’ll want to focus your attention on details, silhouettes, fabrics, and so forth to capture the intended look. If done correctly you’ll be left with a warm and inviting interior no matter the genre! Another plus: it’s hard to make a neutral look dated! If the space needs a bit of a makeover, just switch out the decor and voila!

Whether you love color or hate color, your interior design is a piece of art that should speak to you! While there’s no shame in embracing high-energy styles that boast vivid color palettes (especially in these hotter months, it’s hard not to!), it’s nice to create a balanced and timeless look using neutrals.

Are you a fan of neutrals or do you think they’re “plain Jane?” Let me know in the comments below! ♥