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Wonderful Wallpapers

Wallpaper and wallcoverings have undoubtedly been one of the greatest design comebacks in recent years. This once outdated decor is now a vital part to livening up luxury interiors and is used to achieve a myriad of exciting styles. From introducing bold colors to creating artistic backgrounds, wallpaper creates versatile looks for both homeowners and renters, making it one of the most powerful decorating choices out there!

Here are awesome 5 wallpaper designs that you’ll want to try out!


Contemporary Bedroom Bed Furniture Design

While this wallpaper isn’t the biggest, boldest, nor brightest; I appreciate the texture it adds to the space. While the room is contemporary, it boasts a chic-masculine feel which is complemented by the subtle print of the wallpaper.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid Century Modern Home Wallpaper

Now, this wallpaper is big, bold, and bright and adds the perfect artistic touch to this mid-century modern home. Since wallpaper doesn’t take up any room — i.e., doesn’t add clutter — this interior maintains its minimalist nature while the bright florals break up any feeling of monotony.


Trendy Wallpaper DesignsImage Source: Joy Street Design

Simple in pattern but nothing less than eye-catching! Both of these bold wallcoverings add a fun and youthful look to the overall contemporary design. Whatever your design style is, a vivid print like these will liven up the space and add a strong burst of personality!


Bed Pillows Headboard Wallpaper Design

While this wallpaper is the background to a headboard, I instantly fell in love with the colors and patterns. Boho style interiors are all about artistically mixing different prints and textures, which gets me excited about how gorgeous this would look combined with yellow, orange, and red patterned throw pillows!


Elegant Kitchen Wallpaper

This elegant kitchen proudly showcases its old-school traditional charm. A transitional style that couples traditional elements with contemporary finishes, and of course, a show-stopping floral wallpaper! The wallpaper further accentuates the classic components, giving off a unique vintage vibe — beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed those 5 unique wallpapers! I always love hearing about your own interiors, so let me know which wonderful wallpapers you’ve used lately in the comments below!

Until next time!♥