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5 Reasons Designers Love Brown

It’s no secret that brown is back on trend. With endless shades to work with, this earthy tone provides designers a wide range of looks to work with, from dramatic and edgy to calm and soft. To be quite honest, I’m not sure why brown color palettes were ever “out,” but I sure am glad to see them pop up into more and more interiors!

While every home most likely has an abundance of brown via wood furnishings and other casegoods, here are 5 reasons why this color is a must-have when it comes to textiles, upholstering, and accent walls.

Soft On The Eye

Unsaturated Browns In Interiors

It’s a fact that we feel a great sense of calmness when out in the great outdoors, so it’s not surprising that nature’s colors create the same feelings when brought indoors. The lighter feel of unsaturated browns is extremely easy on our eyes, hence calming to our senses. Beige-brown tones like taupe, hazelnut, and camel all have this soothing effect.

Softens Black Accents

Black Accent In Interiors

When it comes to fashion, black and brown (just like black and navy) gets a bad rap! Which is unfortunate because it’s actually a beautiful combination — think all black outfit with a chic camel coat (gorgeous!). I love a stark black accent that makes a room pop, which is exactly why I love when a designer accentuates such an accent color with a complimentary brown. The easygoing earthiness of brown allows black design pieces to stand out while also softening the amount of contrast, making it an easier look to take in (aka easier on the eyes!).

Warms Cool Tones

Minimalist Style Warm Neutral Design

Hamptons Modern Kitchen DesignImage Source: Betty Wasserman

Minimalist styles are more often than not all about cool neutral tones. These cool tones are a great look for a clean and simple interior, but they can become monotonous easily. And, if not designed correctly, they can create a cold, unwelcoming feel. The solution? Brown, of course! Light or dark shades of this magical hue will instantly bring warmth and a homey feel.

Makes Your Whites Pop

Brown Accent Highlights Whites

While brown softens black accents, it actually increases the brightness of your whites! This look is exquisite for those detailed textiles that you want to show off; embroidery, knits, fringe — all these tiny details on your white fabrics will leap out! I love a rich camel or espresso color with whites, but really, it’s hard to go wrong with any shade of brown!

Works Well On Its Own

Riva Chase Living Room Interior DesignImage Source: Margarita Bravo

And finally, brown works delightfully on its own! There are enough tones to create contrast and depth, couple a latte cafe color with a rich chocolate and so forth. Margarita Bravo creates visual interest with her chosen tones of brown by incorporating a mix of texture, pattern, and saturation.

Beautiful browns have a diverse and multi-faceted spectrum and I’m thrilled to see so many interiors showcasing these shades! If you’re looking for a powerful neutral that complements practically every color and is soothing to our eyes as well as our minds, brown might be just the choice for you!