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Summer Color Crush: Ice

Icy hues don't have to only represent winter. In fact, the cool tones are perfect for summer, reflecting the palest Caribbean waters or the lightest dawn skies. I can’t get enough of this electrifying blue, which is undeniably refreshing in all of its various tones. So, if you need an interior that will invigorate your senses, these designs will inspire you to embrace the cool, crisp look of icy blues.

Here are 5 gorgeous interiors that show off my current color crush, ice:

Blue Interior Furniture Design

I can just imagine sitting around sipping vino at this chic little table for two! The sky blue backdrop really makes the pale blue table pop! An energizing combination that completely accentuates the cool tones of the table — plus, blue on blue tones always look fabulous!

Peachtree Dunwoody Master Bedroom Interior DesignImage Source: VRA Interiors

A glamorous pairing of cool tones and metals! The combination of silver and faint blue sets an icy tone, which is instantaneously warmed up by brass accents. VRA Interiors did a super job at keeping the look subtle while still making the palest of blues - Watermark by Behr - pop!

Spring Inspired Interior Design

Another great combination of cool blue and silver, however, this time taking on more of a pastel tone and paired with more bright white elements. This is a perfect summer hangout space; light, airy, and relaxed. The feminine pink florals are the cherry on top, bringing a spring-inspired warmth to the space.

Indian Road Missisauga Kitchen DetailImage Source: Nicola Interiors

This striking interior showcases a beautiful blend of blues. Cornflower blue accents, crystal clear pendants, and crisp white cabinets set a cool but welcoming tone. This contemporary home shows hints of farmhouse style with rich wood ceiling beams which contrast and emphasize the lustrous lighting and frosty blue island.

Modern Luxury Home Blue White Transitional Style DesignImage Source: Nandina Home & Design

A sophisticated design where brisk silvers take the lead and deeper oceanic blues complement. Through an excellent layering of saturation, this elegant design exhibits cold and warm elements at the same time. Bold lines and tailored furnishings further the icy cool atmosphere.

Hope I've convinced you that ice is, in fact, a great summer color! Let me know which tones you like most in the comments below!

Happy Decorating!♥