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It’s All In The Details: Beach House Design

It’s no surprise that all the focus is on summer living right now! So you can only imagine my excitement when I saw Bayberry Cottage published a brand new project of a gorgeous waterfront home, which you can check out here! The entire home is spectacular, with each room cohesively flowing to the next and architectural elements beautifully accentuated (I mean, look at that fireplace!).

This Michigan home is undoubtedly a showstopper, but to really appreciate the entirety of this interior design, it’s all about focusing on the meticulously hand-picked details! So, let’s dive into this beach house and check out 5 of my favorite accessories and details!

The Entryway

Beach House Mudroom Entryway Design

Bayberry Cottage is known for their playful use of color — which we will get to, don’t worry! — but I love the classic shades of blue and beige for this beachy entryway. The distressed color of the wood, textured fabrics, and welcoming feel of shiplap are easy going, tranquil, and definitely coastal. The design is simple and relaxed - just as a beach house should be!

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The Bathrooms

Beach House Bathroom Interior Design

From the green sea glass lighting and shiplap walls to the fringed towels and custom vanity mirrors, these bathrooms are all about the detail. Both inspired by the beach in their own way, the decor and color palettes are what really sets them apart. While the rich blue bathroom boasts more of a nautical theme, the master bath resembles a light-sanded seashore.

The Wall Decor

Beach House Living Room Wall Decors

I love how art is a major factor throughout the entire home! By playing with color, scale, and texture, Bayberry Cottage was able created an impeccable gallery wall that perfectly fills up the corner space and brings a colorful flair to its neutral surroundings. On an opposite wall, the gallery wall theme continues, which brings attention to the shiplap details and modern cable railing on the staircase.

The Door

Beach House Beatuiful Blue Doorways

Ah, beautiful blue doorways — so much nicer than the white or beige you regularly see. I love how Bayberry made sure to incorporate this lovely blue throughout, but in clever ways that keep this accent color balanced with the light and airy neutrals.

The Chevron Accents

Beach House Beatuiful Chevron Accents

Beach House Open Kitchen Design

Last but not least, the subtle addition of chevron patterns throughout the kitchen! A look that could easily look too matchy-matchy, Bayberry effortlessly pulls it off with a mix of color, scale, and texture. From the upholstered settee to the playful tray and backsplash, I love the overarching chevron theme that so delicately seeps through.

If you love this quaint beach home as much as I do, follow their lead to bring a touch of Bayberry Cottage into your own home - who cares if it’s not actually on the beach!

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