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7 Beautiful Ideas for Al Fresco Dining!

Who doesn’t love dining outside in a gorgeous setting amongst family, friends, and pets! Dining al fresco is one of the greatest ways to eat a meal during the summer months, and feeling the same luxury as you would inside is key to hosting a successful outdoor soiree.

From capturing the right style to adding the finishing touches, here are some tips on easily creating an outdoor dining area that will be this summer’s hangout spot!

Favorite Styles:

1. Moroccan

Outdoor Sitting Area Design

Such a perfect look for the summer! A Moroccan style garden, patio, or deck is a great way to bring all of your favorite colors together as bountiful tones and exotic patterns are fundamental to such a design! The relaxed look of mixing and matching textures, colors, and prints create an unpretentious vibe that will set the tone for great conversation and a memorable meal al fresco.

2. Spanish-Mediterranean

Ranch Home Exterior Mediterranean PorchImage Source: Design Directives

Mediterranean designs share the same effortlessly relaxed style as Moroccan but is a tad more formal and minimalistic. Yellow, blue, cream, and greige are great tones to use when aiming for a Mediterranean design; natural but with a touch of flair through colorful tableware, textiles, and plants.

3. Rustic

Custom Dining Table Accessories

A warm and inviting rustic design might lack the vibrant tones of the previous two style but it certainly makes up for that in texture! A chic au naturale look layered with wood, iron, and stone accents along with organic fibers like jute, rope, and sisal. Keeping the overall look simple will allow for these rustic elements to really pop! For lighting, a few dainty twinkle lights and candles will set a gorgeous evening tone.

It’s All In The Details!

Once you’ve got your style down, it’s time to get started on the details! Choose accessories and decor that complement your design style (of course!) and your home will be ready for al fresco dining!

4. Pretty Plates

Elegant Tableware Spice Decors

Eating off of proper tableware is a must if you want to enjoy the full benefits of an elegant al fresco meal. Tableware really makes a design pop; bringing refreshing colors and pattern into your design. Choose heavy-duty and durable plates, glasses, and serving boards as these should not be blowing away in the wind!

5. Enticing Food Displays

Fresh Summer Gorgeous Dining PlatesImage Source: BANDD DESIGN

With summer being the time of fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, cold cuts, and other finger food, displaying your appetizer (on your gorgeous plates or serving dishes!) is foolproof summer decor! Lemons, limes, and oranges can be placed directly onto the table, on trays, or bowls — cut them in half and enjoy the fresh smell of citrus! Another bonus is that food “decor” will leave little to clean up!

6. Unique Flower Arrangements

Creative Floral Decors For Dining Table

Timeless florals are one of the most common go-to decorations and why not?! These natural beauties add powerful color while keeping the decor naturally lavish and elegant. Any floral arrangement of your liking will enhance your al fresco experience, however, coming up with creative displays will really show you’ve put thought into the details. Think about which creative elements of your design style could be used as an alternative vase or pot - such as a wine carafe!

7. Textiles

Greenbelt Poolside Retreat Table DesignImage Source: BANDD DESIGN

Bring indoors outside with strong weather-proof textiles! Plush cushions, rugs, tablecloths, napkins, and hammocks aid in creating comfort in the wonderful outdoors! Using the same kind of elements found in an indoor dining room will recreate the same level of comfort, luxury, and glamour.

Providing a space to celebrate the summer outdoors is a terrific and relatively simple way to extend the home. I hope you can now envision how you want to decorate and style your garden or patio.

Happy Designing and Bon Appétit!