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6 Hot Design Trends This Spring

Spring is a time to reset your home’s appearance, packing away winter clothes and home accessories, and fill the place with light fabrics and fresh colors.

If you are looking to adjust your place for spring, check out these six spring trends that interior designers are loving right now!

spring-interior-designImage Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd.

number-1 SOFT GRAY

soft-gray-for-springImage source: Chi Renovation & Design

gray-for-springImage source: Nicola Interiors

Gray is definitely popping up everywhere this spring, whether being presented through small decor pieces or through larger furnishings and structural elements, it seems as though every designer is turning to this color spectrum for a natural toned sophistication. The wonderful aspect of soft gray, or “cool” gray as some call it, is that it includes a variety of undertones - blues, green, violets, and cyan - making it extremely versatile.


black-and-white-for-springImage source: Lumar Interiors

black-and-white-stripes-for-springImage Source: Houzz

Black and white color schemes are classic, especially when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens. However, this is the season to try out this old-time favorite color combo in other areas of the home. Black and white can look refined, timeless, elegant, and even sassy, so with all its versatility it’s no wonder why we are seeing creative black and white interiors throughout the industry. Designing your space with crisp whites will offer a bold look, while using softer whites or adding a third color will create a subtle look - so many options with this spring trend!


pottery-and-table-settingsImage Source: VRA Interiors

porcelian-bag-as-vaseImage Source: BaBoo SF

Pottery and table settings always add a polished touch to an interior; it is one of those details that is often forgotten, but, when remembered, it sure does make a stunning feature. Depending on your style, pottery or table settings can be neutral, colorful, patterned, sleek, big, small, and so forth. Pretty much, if you want to add the perfect spring accessory to your home that will bring forth a real appreciation for the smaller details, this is the way to go - especially since it can be easily done no matter the budget.

The above "Porcelain Bag" by Israeli designer Ady Shapira, and sourced from San Francisco decor shop BaBoo, is not just beautiful, it is intended for to be used for various purposes, including as a vase, cosmetics container for dressing a table, or even as an utensil holder for the kitchen.

number-4 OTTOMANS

ottoman-in-designImage source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd.

living-area-ottoman-in-designImage source: Houzz

Ottomans are a decor item that have been around since forever, but are only now truly getting the recognition they deserve. Not only do ottomans come in an assortment of colors, sizes, patterns, and textiles, they are also multi-functional. Easily convert an ottoman from a coffee table to additional seating, or hide away your winter blankets inside of them. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll find use for this gorgeous addition to your home all year round.


Image source: Houzz

farmhouse-kitchen-designImage source: HGTV

Directly related to rustic style, farmhouse kitchens enjoy the charming effects of exquisite woods and a countryside ambiance, a look that most of us admire. However, instead of going fully rustic (which often turns out to be head-to-toe wooden features) farmhouse kitchens incorporate other style elements, whether that be Carrara marble countertops, traditional cabinets, or open shelving, giving your kitchen a rural, spring look while still being able to integrate contemporary or classic features.


bathroom-seating-designImage source: Lumar Interiors

bathroom-seating-areaImage source: HGTV

Bathroom seating is one of my favorite new trends this season as it can give any bathroom a more polished look while also adding a certain style or character. Minimalist, traditional, modern, and classic chairs (as well as ottomans) can all easily be found in the perfect size for your space. Besides offering a stylish place to lounge or comfortably get dressed, bathroom seating also allows for additional space to place clothes, towels, and robes; this can be especially helpful for those bathrooms that don’t have much room for hanging such items, all the while still keeping the room tidy.

Enjoy your home’s transition from winter to spring and try out some of these trends this season.