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No Drought is Blocking California’s Luxury Lifestyle

Oh shush, you one-sided environmentalists. We know the earth is falling out of balance and that change needs to happen now.

But, our homes and communities needn't look like a 1970s hippie camp in the forests of Northern California.

Ecological is a need, but it will only work if it fits into our lifestyle and expectations.

Seventh Generation products? Perfect fit.

Tesla cars? Supreme!

Now it is time for us to master the shower experience- the long, hot, steamy, luxurious shower experience.

Solar hot water heating? Check!

Water flowing blissfully on our heads without using much water?

Thanks to the masterminds at California Faucets, we can now say "check" to that too!

California Faucets just introduced a gorgeous new showerhead series with a revolutionary new technology that creates...

"air-infused water for a robust, yet water-saving showering experience."

This is so California. So perfect. So well-designed.

How else to respond to drought? Should Malibuites have to share showers or limit them to 2-minutes? No way!

Man got himself to the moon. It shouldn't be so tough to figure out how to have a luxurious shower without wasting our diminishing water supply. Right?

California Faucets calls it the StyleFlow® Air. And, this video shows the technology behind the product.


"a patented device that infuses the shower water with air to create fuller droplets without increasing water consumption."

Designed and handcrafted in California, of course.

Here is more information on the StyleFlow® Air and a look at all of their StyleFlow® Air products.

Go green luxury!