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8 Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas

Are you all getting excited for Christmas? This is my favorite time of the year; decorating, and making my home look festive, with warm and inviting Christmas decorations.

While I prefer the classic look with knitted stockings, wooden reindeer, and handmade ornaments, traditional Christmas decorations don’t match everyone’s tastes. There are many other ways to beautiful ways to decorate for Christmas that will provide more of a trendy, updated look.

If you are into more modern Christmas decorations, then I have found the perfect Christmas decor ideas for you! Take a look at these gorgeous ideas for decorating a more contemporary home. With some trendy, festive decorations, your home will love these new and inspiring designs!

Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas:

number-1 Black and White

Black and white themed Christmas decor can create a crisp and clean look. You can easily transform your home into a black and white winter wonderland, with a few simple ideas like those below:

black-and-white-on-christmas Image Source - The TomKat Studio

black-and-white-christmas-decor Image Source - Kara’s Party Ideas

star-decor-on-christmas Image Source - Einegwonen

number-2 Birds and Feathers

Feathers are just so pretty with their unique look and light and fluffy feel. Use feathers to add a modern element to your Christmas decor by using unusual bird feathers on ornaments and wreaths, glass jars and baubles.

bird-feathers-on-christmas Image Source - Roost

feather-christmas-tree Image Source - The Feather Girl

number-3 Succulents

Fill your home with low maintenance succulents this Christmas to create a spectacular fresh display. Arrange a centerpiece for your dining table or create a beautiful wreath or garland. The garlands look so stylish on the front door, showing off your good taste to all who pass!

christmas-wreath-decor Image Source - Lila B

succulents-this-christmas Image Source - DIY and Crafts Magazine

number-4 Modern Wreaths

A Christmas wreath might be a staple in most homes at this time of the year, but the modern versions offer so much more than foliage and pine cones! You can place your modern wreath on your front door, in a window, over the mantel, or placed around a group of candles. You can add small objects or ribbon to change your wreaths look. Take a look at these for inspiration:

modern-christmas-wreath Image Source - Cork and Spoon

modern-white-wreath Image Source - West Elm

number-5 Pine Branches

Pine needles not only create a gorgeous scent in your home, but have a lovely fresh, modern look. You can use them to create a mantel display, and add small ornaments, candles, and lights. Get some amazing ideas from these images:

pine-branches-as-decor Image Source - Good Housekeeping

pine-branches-for-christmas-decor Image Source - Simplified Bee

christmas-ornaments-as-decor Image Source - Pinterest

number-6 Lights

Where would we be at Christmas without the lights?! Lights are normally a must have for the Christmas tree, but modern lighting can be arranged in various ways. Place them anywhere you like, from mantels, to bookshelves, in the window, and, of course, outside. The more lights, the better!

lights-for-christmas Image Source - Home Designing

christmas-lights Image Source - EinegWonen


Snowflakes can add a modern look to any room in the house! You can make them yourself, from paper or felt, or buy some lovely ready-made snowflakes, in various shapes and sizes; they look beautiful hanging in the window, almost replicating falling snow!

snowflakes Image Source - Kelly Sikkema Flickr

christmas-snowflakes Image Source - Instructables

snowflakes-decor-on-christmas Image Source - Not on the High Street

number-8Festive Dining

There are many simple and festive decorations to make your Christmas tablescape stand out. Pick a color theme, arrange some Christmas baubles, and voila, you have created a modern Christmas tablescape. Adding candles, elegant napkins, and gorgeous dinnerware are a must! This extra effort is definitely worth it...after all, it is the most wonderful time of the year!

christmas-tablescape Image Source - Fitzsu

beautiful-christmas-tablescape Image Source - House to Home

candles-for-christmas-tablescape Image Source - Daily Echo

I hope these modern Christmas decor ideas have inspired you. How will you make your home more festive this season?