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Discovering Gorgeous Rugs Via an Elite Interior Designer

Somehow inspired by the cold, winter blues, I recently began searching for cozy rugs that could keep my toes warm and yet also brighten up my space.

During my much eventful search, I stumbled upon a gorgeous rug used by Enrique Crespo of Crespo Design Group and embarked further through his portfolio in hopes of finding more gems like this one. I was not disappointed- he doesn’t stick to just one style or color, creating an endless amount of options for interior design lovers like you and me.

And so today, I want to share with you some of my cherished findings from this amazing interior designer.

textured-rug-in-contemporary-dining-room Image Source: Crespo Design Group

Take this rug out of this room, and you simply have a plain open space with a wooden table and eight chairs. (Well, and with gorgeous window treatments and perfect lighting). Put it back, and voila! You now have a gorgeous and intricate contemporary dining room. This textured rug really sets the scene, highlighting the fact that Enrique clearly knows how to reach a room’s full potential for style and warmth.

diversity-of-colors-in-bedroom Image Source: Crespo Design Group

The diversity of color in this bedroom is magical. While the pink chandelier complements the rosy hues of the double bed, the gorgeous brown and beige of the rug syncs perfectly with the polished hardwood flooring and surrounding decor.

water-color-style-rug-in-living-room Image Source: Crespo Design Group

The pastel blue hues of the wall and even the sofa cushions go perfectly with this eccentric watercolor style rug.

carpet-matching-the-ceiling Image Source: Crespo Design Group

I know this isn’t exactly a rug… it’s a carpet, but look how gorgeous it is! Especially combined with the black starry ceiling. I can only image how awesome this room is when the lights go off!

amazing-vibrant-color-rug Image Source: Crespo Design Group

This is definitely my favorite on this list. In an otherwise neutral design plan, this decor almost appears to defy its surroundings with bursts of vibrant color. How amazing is that rug? Especially when combined with such a vivid-colored chair!

What I like the most about Enrique’s designs is that he doesn’t stick to one particular fashion. He incorporates and entwines beautiful colors and style to create stunning interiors- which are as unique as his clients presumably are. A fact which is largely emphasized in these amazing photos!

Great design inspiration! Thank you, Enrique!

Explore his awesome designs on his website www.crespodesigngroup.com
And, follow his page to see his latest and greatest on Houzz.