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Allowing Art To Take The Lead

Lately, I’ve been rethinking the design plan of my living room. To give more of a background of my design philosophy, I prefer larger decor rather than smaller pieces.

Decorating for the winter has been fun, though, so I can’t truthfully say that I have sworn off all small ornaments. Christmas was just too exciting, and I can get a little carried away sometimes with all of the accessories and candles. However, with Christmas over, I would like to offer a change of character to my home. Given that I already have most of what I need, I think I will just tweak my current pieces to match whatever style and color scheme I decide to go for.

To help push me in the right direction, or help me decide which colors to use, I am going to design some of my home based upon paintings and art. It will be a fun challenge for me since I tend to view art as something “extra,” or an optional accessory to a room, rather than a necessity. So letting my creative side take the lead on the entire design process will definitely prove interesting.

I am now on the lookout for the perfect art piece. I began searching around for some ideas on what I should be looking for in the first place, and, in my conclusion, I have settled on looking for a simple, larger statement piece. To paint a clearer picture of what I am hoping to achieve, and what has sparked my inspiration for a statement piece, here are some gorgeous examples from one of my favorite designers, Nandina Home & Design:

art-in-living-room Image Source: Nandina Home & Design

art-on-fireplace-mantel Image Source: Nandina Home & Design

living-room-art Image Source: Nandina Home & Design

wall-art-in-dining-room Image Source: Nandina Home & Design

art-piece-in-living-area Image Source: Nandina Home & Design

As I want my art pieces to inspire my decor, I also need to make sure that the art and the furnishings will naturally appear as one entity. As another one of my beloved designers, Betty Wasserman, once said: “When art and light are thought of as one, the outcome will not fail to impress.” So as I continue my search for the perfect statement piece, I try to envision a piece that will reflect and complement the lighting of my own space. Take a look at how well Betty Wasserman takes lighting, placement, and color scheme into account when presenting an art piece in her designs.

art-in-dining-area Image Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd.

living-room-modern-art-piece Image Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd.

dining-wall-art Image Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd.

wall-art Image Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors, Ltd.

And finally, as I am challenging myself to design around my art, I’m also considering getting a piece that is still artistic but a little less traditional and more of a conversation starter. I’ve been picturing the addition of a wall mural to offer contrast from the conventional painting, to ignite a spark of unique style in my home. Take a look at how well these wall murals, by LimitLess Walls, add depth to these rooms while still maintaining the artistic design and focus that I’m looking for.

living-room-wall-mural Image Source: LimitLess Walls

bedroom-wall-mural Image Source: LimitLess Walls

wall-mural-in-living-room Image Source: LimitLess Walls

What do you guys think of my design plan? Do you love it, or hate it? I’m so excited at the endless possibilities bestowed upon me, I can’t wait to design my home with one of them!